Mar 13, 2014

Friday 03.14.14

8 minute AMRAP:
10 deadlifts, 135 / 95 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
15 deadlifts, 185 / 135 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
20 deadlifts, 225 / 155 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
25 deadlifts, 275 / 185 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
30 deadlifts, 315 / 205 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch
35 deadlifts, 365 / 225 lb.
15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch

Admin Notes:  Main Open WOD session is Friday AM.  0545 athlete brief, show up early to get warmed up.

Work Out Notes:
This workout begins from the standing position with the barbell on the floor and the Athlete standing tall. Each time the Athlete returns to the deadlift they will be responsible for loading their own barbell to the next appropriate weight. The same barbell must be used for the entire workout, and the Athlete may not receive assistance when changing the loads. Using additional pre-loaded barbells is not permitted.

Every rep counts in this workout. Credit will be given for partially completed rounds. You will enter your result by the total number of reps completed plus your tiebreak time.

Tie Break Time
In this workout, we are using a special tiebreak method. At the end of each set of 15 box jumps time should be marked. When you submit your final result, your score will be the number of reps completed. There will be another field in which you will enter the time of the last completed sets of box jumps.

Score Cards & Instructions at
Movement Standards:

Deadlift: This is a traditional deadlift with the hands outside the knees. Sumo-deadlifts are not allowed. Starting at the floor, the barbell is lifted until hips and knees reach full extension with the shoulders behind the bar. The arms must be straight throughout.

Box Jumps: Every rep must begin with both feet on the floor. The rep finishes with the hips and knees fully open while in control on top of the box.  You may jump or step up or down as long as both feet start on the ground and both feet end on the box in control.



Matt B. said...

Nice to go with a big crowd at the 1200 hour, though all unofficial just for fun. Thanks Ad for the standards brief and pointers.

A for effort, F for following instructions. 90 reps that count. Did an extra 5 deadlifts at 135 (thought it was 15 reps), and failed the high intensity math in the last 90 seconds. Added 40# thinking I was going into the 315 round, when I should have added 50# b/c it was actually the 275 round. 8 reps at 265. Compounded by the failure of the primary and 1st backup time devices, saved only by someone's wristwatch as backup backup. Geez.

Followed by shoulder press 5 @ 95, 3 @ 115, 3 @ 115. Finished with bar muscle up attempts on the high bar and 5 jumping bar muscle ups on the low bar.

Ross said...


14.3 conducted at CF BEO in Sioux City, IA.

140 total reps, tie breaker time of 6:47.

Allie Scott said...

Did the lonely 5pm run through - didn't do bad.
Got through Round 4 at 7:50, total 130 reps.

Trying it again with the 8am Sat crew. Whew!

Good luck everyone.