Feb 25, 2014

Wednesday 02.26.14

1) Strength
Back Squat 3 x 5 at 55-60-65%

Rest 2:00 between sets

2) Conditioning
"Baseline Daaaah-ble-Check" (Re-check)

3 rounds, each for time:
   500m Row
   40 Squat (med-ball depth target)
   30 AbMat Situps
   20 Pushups
   10 Strict pullups
 Rest exactly 2:00 between rounds.

Post loads and results (individual round times) to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Strength.  Working light today, so either treat it like a warmup or get them in post-METCON.  Either way, focus on depth and speed out of the hole.

METCON.  Hmmm, haven't we seen this before?  Compare to 02.03.14.  How'd you fare?  Three weeks is not a whole lot of time to see improvement, but it can certainly happen.  If you see some real gains, try to understand them...were you less gassed coming off the rower?  Did you get through certain exercises with less breaks/rest?  Were you mentally better prepared for the WOD having done it before?  Did you warm up more thoroughly?  Or, did your time hold steady (or even increase), but your range of motion and technique improved?  That's progress also...

Refresher -- Max Effort first round, then do 2 more rounds for conditioning with exactly 2 minutes rest in between.  Some common time standards are shown in the pic at top. [Note -- you must BEAT the time standard specific to your GENDER to claim that category.  You know who you are:)]  To compare your performance against these standards, the movements must be legit -- full range of motion everywhere!
  • Squats -- depth below parallel, everyone uses a med ball target. 
  • Sit-ups -- body reaches vertical at the top. 
  • Pullups -- strict pullups, chin above the bar and full elbow extension at the bottom. Note...no kipping. This WOD measures your upper body pulling strength. It's only 10 reps -- if you must scale, use the lightest band possible that will allow you to complete them. 
Limit your total work time to under 20 mins. If your first round pace won't let you do that, dial it back and do 2 total rounds.

Extra time?  What have you done for yourself lately on mobility?  Nothing prescribed but find a mobility goat and work on it.


    Andy said...

    A little sneak ambush, because he'll end up on here sooner or later. Big congrats to Ross Nelson for being selected for battalion level command. Must be all those burpees!

    Kroells said...

    We may as well call out LTC Jared Sloan too. Congrats!

    Noah said...

    4:55, exact same time as three weeks ago. In the spirit of full disclosure though, I did not do the 2nd and 3rd rounds. Laid it all out there on rd 1 just to see how fast I could go without saving anything for later rounds. Clearly didn't buy me anything!

    Jimmy Chen said...

    I didn't know Jared made the CSL - congrats, sir!!

    In terms of improvement, my new times (4:45, 5:00, and 5:19) improved just a tad compared to my old times (4:55, 5:45, and 5:20). Those scores still put me smack dab between "pro" and "expert."

    Ross said...


    Andy, thank you... Excited, just wish they would release the slating sooner than later so we know what the plan is.

    Baseline went well.

    4:40, 5:05, 5:00 for my three rds, vs, 4:53, 5:16, 5:15 last time.

    I really suck at rowing. I am a "work way to hard for what I get out of it" guy, but the hardest part is keeping the Pull-ups strict, my body just wants to kip and use momentum when doing Pull-ups even when I don't have too..

    Ross said...

    Oh, and congrats to Jared - it must be one common factor - sharing an office with Noah and the extra Joint Operations training we both received in doing so...

    Sam Friend said...

    I just edged in as a Pro! However, I really slowed down after that.

    Andy said...

    I am a big dummy. Assisted on a unit training today, then decided to at least get 1 round in. Was gunning hard and got to pullups before I realized I never started a clock.

    So, I assume I got a 1:47 or so. Sounds reasonable.

    Kurt Knoedler said...

    5:21 for my first round which is a good improvment from 3 weeks ago 6:02. Rounds 2 and three were improvments but still ruff!

    Matt B. said...

    Back squat 5-5-5 @ 155-165-165#

    OHS 5-5-5 @ 65#

    TGU 5-10min @ 35# I think. The KB without white spot where the label fell off.