Feb 11, 2014

Wednesday 02.12.14

1) Strength
Front Squat 3 x 3 at 70, 75, 80% of 1RM

2) Conditioning-- pick your poison:

EMOM for 30 min:
   5 Pullup
   10 Pushup
   15 Air Squat
Score is your highest minute completed on time.

-- or --

20 min AMRAP
   5 Pullup
   10 Pushup
   15 Air Squat

3) Skill
Core accessory work -- pick and choose from the menu:
  40 total reps anterior focus
  40 total reps posterior chain focus

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to go at these times)

NOTE -- we have a unit coming in for training at ~0700.  Try to knock out the METCON so we can free up pull-up bars by 0715=ish.

Strength.  Back to front squats today.  Big chest, high elbows, controlled descent and hard, fast drive out of the whole.  That said, let the METCON be the priority today.  Volume/load is not too bad today, but if it is going to fatigue your air squat do them after (or, save for a later session if you can).

METCON.  Compare to 02.27.13.  "Chelsea" is no joke.  900 reps of bodyweight goodness.  Or, 1.5 times as many G reps as Murph (minus the runs, of course).  If you have a full Rx Chelsea under your belt, you can ratchet it up +1 (6/11/16 reps), +2, or so on...

If you are doing Chelsea, do it Rx.  No scaling, and you go until you bust EMOM.  There's your score and target for next time.  Want some extra work?  Reset and rest for a minute and follow up with a partial Cindy, 5-10 min AMRAP, scaling your limiting movement (probably pullups) as needed.

That said, don't think of Cindy as a scaled version of Chelsea.  Cindy can be as intense as you want it to be...just work harder.  Still, if you need to scale any of the movements, stick to Cindy.  Some methods below:
  • Scale pullups with bands if needed, no jumping pullups on this one.  
  • Scale pushups off a box or bench, not from your knees. 
  • Scale further by reducing the overall time (15/12 mins) or going to a 3-6-9 rep scheme.
Skill.  You know the deal.  If you are looking for spice, try completing as many reps unbroken as possible or adding weight to some of the movements.
  • Anterior -- GHD SU, TTB, K2E, V-ups, Band pulldown, hanging leg raises, AMSU.
  • Posterior -- GHR, good mornings, bird dogs and variations, back ext, hip ext, GHD leg raises/reverse hypers, supermans.
COACHING FOCUS -- Last of the 3 major foundational movements -- Deadlift.  Please provide feedback in comments on whether this is getting done so we can adjust the approach if needed.


Ross said...


Did Cadet PT today, good 2.5 miles of interval work, then a little Bring Sally Up / Down with Push - ups, and lather rinse repeat with air squats. finished with some dips and then hung around a bit afterwards as one of my Cadets was asking / working on MU and he got his first Bar MU today.

Afterwards was short on time so skipped FS work, may try later today if I get a chance. But did Chelsea since it had been longer since my last round with her then Cindy.

Chelsea - RX 30 rds. Was able to keep all rds to under 30 sec of work, so the work / rest ratios really worked in my favor.

Jimmy Chen said...

Wow, good job Ross! Also, wanted to extend kudos to Susan and Russ that made it through all 30 rounds. Beast mode!!

I also did Chelsea, since I've done Cindy before and wanted to try out the other WOD. After 24 rounds, she got the better of me.

Great workout and good effort by all this morning!

Susan Friend said...

I did Chelsea with Jimmy and Rob this morning. Jimmy put in some hard work with butterfly pull-ups on all rounds and speedy push ups and squats. Rob also stayed strong but was handicapped by the fact that he was our timekeeper since we couldn't find the working remote for the clock.

I executed 30 rounds of legitimate pull-ups and squats. My pushups were a sloppy mess and not worth counting. A big thanks to Rick for working beside me during the last two rounds--after just completing 22 rounds of Cindy. Thanks, guys!

IronJake78 said...

Great Cindy's posted!

Morning Iron is much harder than afternoon Iron.

Squats 325x3x5
Press 145x3 - my core was shot after those squats, I ran out of time before I could do a real set.

I owe the Iron Gods some Presses and Cleans later this evening in my basement.


scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Front Squat (1RM ~205lb)
5-5-5 @ 145/155/165

Chelsea @ 14 rds*
+6 rd penalty (total 20 rds w/ rest)

*feeling mildly ill today - probably should have NOT done what I did


Sam Friend said...

Chelsea @ 17 rds ... Then continued as AMRAP for the remaining time and got 6 more rds + 17 reps.

First time with Chelsea, so happy I made it more than halfway. Push-ups killed me in the end.

Jacob Heppner said...

Rest Day.

But I was coerced into 40x MU for time. Thank you Mike Minchew. (insert sarcasm)

30x in 3.03
40x in 4.22

monroe said...

Cindy, 17+5 pushups. Rookie mistake, did not use a whiteboard. I may have got one more round, but rounded down. LIMFAC: pushups. Followed with 4x12 Back Ext., Tabata planks.
Felt pretty good with Cindy, but the absence of METCON in my squat/OL focused program is telling. After the meet Saturday it's back to the GPP template.

Russ Ames said...

Good Lord, quads are smoked.

Chelsea x 30 rds.

I should have put it in coaches notes, but don't forget callus maintenance. I used to cut on mine to stay awake in classes/briefings....


Today I got 3 blisters under my calluses...thankfully did not rip them off.

Russ Ames said...

Then 3 x 3 at 135-145-155.

Andy said...

METCON was a wash today, but got squats in. Modified Hatch Week 12 closeout/deload.

HBBS 5 x 155-185-195-205
FS 5 x 135-155-175-185

Then figured what the hey and did singles to 245 (PR +10). Look forward to a retest under better conditions soon. Finished with a G BM - max strict PU, 18. Same as the last time I did it in Dec 12. Huh.