Feb 4, 2014

Wednesday 02.05.14

As of 1700, post is on a 2-hour delay.  UPDATE -- as of 0330, on 4-HOUR delay.
You're on your own for start times...prudent approach is probably to get to school/work as required and hit the Bubble n your way home.

1) Warm-up
Burgener Warm Up

2A) Strength & Conditioning (Gym WOD)
30 Clean and Jerk (135/95) for time

2B) Strength & Conditioning (Home WOD)
"Almost Angie"
100 Push-ups
100 Sit-ups
100 Squats

3) Strength
Front Squat 3 x 5 at 65-70-75%
Rest 2 min between sets

4) Skill:
Core & posterior chain work -- pick and choose from the menu and do:
25 total reps anterior/abdominal focus
25 total reps posterior chain focus

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times; stand by for any special instructions if there are any post closures / delays)

Warmup.  Burgener Warmup is a snatch-specific warmup with skill transfer to the clean as well, and is a CF standby.  For a detailed breakdown of its 6 movements, keep this article in your CF read files.  Review the Burgener warmup in video form here.  Do it at home...PVC pipe is dirt cheap!  Or use a broomstick...

S&C.  For Grace, been a long time...but compare to last Friday's GTO and partner Grace on 11.08.13 to get a feel for scaling.  Scaling goal is to choose a weight you can lift about every 10 seconds for 30 straight reps.  This video provides a solid review of the Clean and Jerk.  This is for time, but control your weight for sake of those around you.  Full extension at the top, remember to bring feet online if split jerking...and, front foot comes back first. 

And, it's been a solid 13 months since we programmed Angie...so a good stand-in if Grace is snowbound.  You get a pass on pullups, but if you have some sort of weight/KB at home you can sub "Swinging Angie" and perform 100 weighted swings before pushups.

Strength.  Yup, finishing with strength today -- METCON is the priority.  Using a best estimate of  1RM for your Front Squat, calculate your 90% training max and use that for determining loads.

Skill.  Choose any combination of the following exercises to hit 25 total reps in each category.  Pick a single exercise or a few for a mini circuit, and break 'em up however needed.  We'll revisit this format throughout the month, gradually increasing the volume.  In rough order of descending difficulty:
  • Anterior (front side!) -- GHD SU, TTB, K2E, Band pulldown, hanging leg raises, AMSU
  • Posterior (back side!) -- GHR, good mornings, bird dogs and variations, back ext, hip ext, GHD leg raises/reverse hypers, supermans.



As of 0700, we are 4 hour delay... So bubble at 9?

Andy said...

In theory...unless they roll it back again. Might be best to shovel your car and driveway instead and see how it shakes out. WOD when released from school/work?


Bubble open time now

Russ Ames said...

I'm coming by 930..

Ross said...


Wow you guys are getting nailed with snow again and its sunny 4 hours north..

Pitiful day for me as far as Grace was concerned.

Started with cadet PT a 2.5 mi medium paced run, and set of stadium runs, followed by dips and rope climbs.

Went over and hit Grace, time 3:32, :55 sec slower than a year ago. Not sure why I was just weak sauce today.

I will mention efficiency in movements along with have a plan and stick to it.

I did the first 10 reps touch and go, full squat clean with split jerk, looked at the clock after 10 was :40 sec into it.

I felt like I was moving too slow, so I started doing power cleans with not so strong of jerk, and that is where I hit the wall.

Just wore me out. after I switched back to full squat cleans and a strong slit jerk, I started doing better but the damage was already done, I was out of it mentally and time wise.

Finished with Front squat work.

EJ Gust said...

Another WOD in the home gym.
Grace Rx'd: 6:06

Lightly setting the weight down after each rep gets tiring! It probably doesn't matter since my neighbors most likely hear it anyway.

Russ Ames said...

FRom minus WB and TGU

Grace 8:37 Rx

FS: 205 1rm...3x5@ 135-145-155

Sam Friend said...

That was the first time doing Grace for me. I saw Rob's 4:00 and thought there was no way I could get that time... Then as I got closer, it gave me an extra boost. Thanks Rob!

Followed with 7x5 HBBS at 190.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Burgener Warm-up @ 45lb (bar)

Grace Rx'd @ 6:15
Globo hex plates and all!

Front Squat (1RM ~225lb)
5-5-5 @ 145/160/170

Jacob Heppner said...

Grace: 1.59

Rested a couple minutes, then due to Russ's coercion..

Grace @ 155#: 3.37

Now...sit at a desk and let my lower back regret that decision for the rest of the day.

Ross said...

Incase you haven't seen it today or you haven't signed up for a FREE Account yet.

Pretty good article on the journal today.

Thought I would share since we have had some good discussions in past on intensity and red lining, and how to pace workouts. Just a note - one thing I think you all do really well in your coaching notes is advising how to attack different WODs.

Also a mention in here on the work / rest "sprint" type workouts we saw last month on the board.

Andy said...

Don't think I'm going to make it in for Grace today. DL yesterday and boatload of shoveling have me feeling old and creaky in the back. Besides, Jake dis it once for me anyway. Hopefully Angie (-) before dinner.

Good article, Ross. Agree that you have to run headlong into that wall to appreciate it before you can intelligently understand the need for pacing. Had that discussion the other day re: tabatas and newbies. It's a great format and ought to be easy for someone new to perform, but they don't know how to attack the "score is your lowest round" aspect until they've done it a few times and can find that sweet spot of hard, consistent effort. The Air Force WOD from the Challenge also comes to mind...

IronJake78 said...

Instead of iron, today I pushed 2 ton vehicles stuck in the snow for 45 minutes. 3 vehicles up inclines in snowdrifts. Plus shoveling a glacier out of my driveway. I feel ya Andy, I'm good for today!

Russell Gibson said...

Grace: 8:07 @ 115#
FS: 135, 140, 145
Keeping my squats lighter but trying to get deeper.

Matt B. said...

No official WODs the last two days, but staying active at home - shoveling snow, building snow forts, pulling sleds, and laying a few more square feet of hardwood floor. Wanted to get the front squats in, but the garage is too dang cold! Introduced the kids to hollow rocks, planks, and handstands today. I do all my workouts M-F over lunch, so the family doesn't get to see that I make it a "big rock" in my life. Trying to do some family fitness together, make it fun, and build a foundation for lifetime of fitness. "Crossfit Kids" at our house has always been using them for squat, thruster, and "kettlebell" swing weights. Now, everyone's doing it. Thanks to the Gusts, the kids like doing "exploding frogs," aka burpees. We all might enjoy them better with that moniker... except maybe PETA.

Matt B. said...

Made up yesterday's WOD.

Grace as Rx at 9:05.

Then front squats at 115-115-125. Re-racked and reset the bar for the last rep of first set, as i was losing my front rack position. Last FS 1RM was 10 months ago at 185#; by that, today's weight should have been 120-130-140. Mobility issues kept me from adding weight.

Finished with 15 and 5 TTB.

Noah said...

Did the FS at 135-155.
Made up Grace on Thursday after two days of functional shoveling. Scaled to 115# for 7:30.