Feb 17, 2014

Tuesday 02.18.14

1) Warmup
FROM or Burgener (your choice)

2) Strength & Conditioning
7 rounds of:
   35 Double unders
   1 ME Snatch  *OR*   1 Power Snatch + 3 OHS (95/65)
   (see WOD notes)

3) Skill
Core accessory work -- pick and choose from the menu:
  60 total reps anterior focus
  60 total reps posterior chain focus

Post time / loads (individual rounds and total) to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at these times)

METCON.  Interesting combo here with a non-standard "scoring" format.  Don't judge your effort solely by the clock.  Goal is to maximize total weight without missing a lift...consider the time a tiebreaker.  Essentially, treat this like a 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 with DU in the rest intervals.  What we're looking to do is place you under a little bit of metabolic stress and then force you to recover, get focused and execute a moderately heavy full snatch with rock solid form. Take your time in setting up for the snatch.

Prior to "Go", warm up and progress to a weight that is challenging but a sure thing for multiple reps (70-80%).  Start there for the WOD, and add weight in small increments as needed.  Only one pull from the ground per round, if you miss a lift it comes out of your total weight lifted.  Be safe on your lifts and give yourself enough room that you can miss safely without endangering others.

SCALING  -- if you are not confident in your snatch form, have never found a snatch 1RM, or have trouble hitting parallel on your OHS then a different focus for you.  Every round, perform a light power snatch to a good overhead position and then perform 3 perfect overhead squats. We will set 95/65 as an anchor point, scale weight further if limited by either the power snatch or OHS. Then, follow the WOD with some additional snatch technique work with PVC & empty bars.  You'll get there, don't rush it.  And, standard 3:1 sub on singles for doubles.

Skill.  Upping the volume.  Adjust your movement selection accordingly. Some new ones in there:
  • Anterior -- GHD SU, evil wheels, TTB, K2E, V-ups, hollow rocks, band pulldown, hanging leg raises, AMSU.
  • Posterior -- KB/DB Romanian Deadlifts (don't do all 60!), GHR, good mornings, bird dogs and variations, back ext, hip ext, GHD leg raises/reverse hypers, supermans.


Sam Friend said...

I wish I was good at snatches. It felt like I failed more than I made.
12:06 (ME at 125#)

Jimmy Chen said...

7'59", but the time was due to being fast with DUs and going light on the snatches. Following Jared's advice, I went with 95# so I can power through since I don't have great form on the snatch. Of the 7 attempts, I can only count 4 of them as passable.

Definitely something to work on and quite the humbling experience!

Speaking of humbling experiences, I'll be making up "Daniel" this afternoon. Get some!!!

Andy said...

810 total Rx (6 x 135, 1 x 135F). Had planned on incrementally adding weight, but after failing the first held steady. Added an OHS where I didn't catch at full depth. Couldn't make the DU go, someone should hold a clinic on those or something:) 14:43 on time.

Toes thru rings / bird dogs & supermans on core work.

Jared said...

11:52 but went light on Snatch at 95#. Have not gone overhead much in over two months so it was all good. Sets 4 and 5 DUs were horrible.

Ross said...


Didn't really keep time, tried to keep each round to under 2 min probably went over some here and there. Only tripped twice on the DU once in 4th and 5th rds.

RD 1 - 95
RD 2 - 115
RD 3 - 135
RD 4 - 145
RD 5 -155
RD 6 165 (f)
RD 7 165 (f)
Both attempts @ 165 were frustrating. Good Depth on the catch just couldn't lock the arms in position overhead and lost weight forward. afterwards worked some snatch singles (10 of them) @135, then ended with 3x10 of OHS @135.

EJ Gust said...

905 Rx'd with a time of 8:03

I went with 95lbs for the first round and then went up to 135 lbs for the final six.

EJ Gust said...
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Kurt Knoedler said...

12:02 @ 95# with OHS, I worked on receiving the full Snatch after the WOD. 95#s was a good weight to work with.

Matt B. said...

Made this up on Wednesday. Thanks for the heads up to start low and get solid technique. 3x85+ 4x95 - 1x95(f) = 540. Attempt 5 was the fail. Attempt 6 was the best one. Not bad on the DU.

Went for a max DU after the WOD. Got 53, which is the highest I have recorded. Tried a few muscle ups too, just to see if I still got 'em.