Feb 3, 2014

Tuesday 02.04.14

SNOW DAY??? -- review the contingency plan in the previous post.

1) Warmup
Full Range of Motion (FROM) Warmup

2A) Strength & Conditioning (Gym WOD)
For time, 21-15-9 repetitions of:
Deadlift (225/155)

2B) Strength & Conditioning (Home WOD)
“Death by Burpees”
On a continuously running clock...
Minute 1, do 1 Burpees
Minute 2, do 2 Burpees
And so on, completing the number of Burpees required for that round and resting for the remainder of the minute.  If you cannot complete the required reps within the minute, your workout is done.  Report rounds and reps completed.

3) Skill
4-5 Push Jerk progressions (see notes) with PVC / barbell / light weight

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times; IF there is a late start due to weather, shoot for 0800 or coordinate other times in the comments section)

Warmup.  First test run of the FROM!  If executing from home, do whatever you can with what chu got or sub similar movements if needed.  Review of the warmup here:

S&C.  Compare (sort of) to 11.06.13.  Same loads and movements, different structure.  Might help determine your approach or scaling if needed.  Perfect DL reps every time, especially as you tire.  Set that back angle and retract the shoulders, minimizing bounce at the bottom.  If you find yourself doing Death by Burpees at home?  Don't suffer alone...recruit your kids and spouse. 

Skill.  For your Jerk progressions…recall back to On Ramp/Level 1.  Do the following sequence first with PVC pipe from the front rack position, then using the bar only (or weighted per your ability):
  1. Jump & Land (bar in the rack) x 3 -- stick the landing!
  2. Dip-Drive-Dip & Press x 3 -- drive yourself under the bar.  Perfect position on the catch -- external rotation of the shoulders, pull the bar apart, and fight to keep chest up.
  3. Repeat 3, but while you’re down there…hold that deep catch position, and Press x 3.
  4. Full Push Jerks x 3 -- Stand to full extension, reset, and execute
For some good coaching cues on the jerk, check out this HQ vid with Russell Berger.



Roads are good. No excuses.

Ross said...


Did WOD A, DL and Burpees
RX @ 4:32

Jerk work, not matter how I tried, just couldn't get the right feel.. Did work up to 185 but didn't go any higher, just wasn't into them today.

Sam Friend said...

7:04 Rx
Felt like I did two WODs with the FROM warmup. I like it!

Andy said...

I cheated on FROM, forgot to do TGU. Do-over.

4:58 Rx, and updated my understanding of burpee movement standards. Thanks, Rob.

Looks like official 1000 closure of FMWR facilities. Look forward to seeing some round counts on here!!!

IronJake78 said...

Yesterday's Iron Work

Back Squat 300x3x5
Bench Press 180x3x5
Deadlift 350x5

lol roads may have been good, but why get up early when the post was delayed 3 hours (and now closed?)

I'll run some hills in the snow later.


Dan R. said...

6:00 for WOD
Worked out at federal prison staff facility this morning. Nice enough facility but I really miss the bubble when I work out elsewhere.

EJ Gust said...

WOD A - 4:55 Rx'd

WOD B - Finished the set of 16 and couldn't catch my breathe for the 17th.

Great way to spend a snow day!

Adam Thompson said...

3:39 Rx
The hardest part wad always the su of 15s.

Didn't get a chance to win death by pull up.

Dustin Blair said...

So I did the home WOD and after the abbreviated FROM warm-up. I decided to up the ante and jump rope during the remaining portion of each minute for sets 1-10 of Burpees. I was able to get through the 15th set of Burpees before the lack of recovery in sets 1-10 caught up with me.

Susan Friend said...

5:20 Rx

The FROM warm up felt like a full workout itself. It made me realize how much I normally shortchange the warmup! I like having a structured warm up. I'm less likely to skip it that way.

I saw some great work with the DLs today--Jacob, Andy, Rick. It's always fun to watch people execute heavy lifts with good form. A girl named Gina has joined our morning groups. She's eager to learn and well on her way to becoming a CF star. Say, "hi," when you see her.