Feb 26, 2014

Thursday 02.27.14

Active Recovery...choose one:

Run 5K
Lap Swim
Row 5K

Post times/results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to go at these times)

Been a while since we ran some distance.  A long while.  Like Feb 13 long (and nobody did it anyway).  Slackers.  Everyone preaches GPP and constantly varied until a little LSD comes out of the hopper.  Do it!  Buddy up and go.  You'll feel good about it afterward.  Even if it's a little cold.

Note, today's an active recovery day.  No 5K time trials or PRs today.  Pick an easy pace (75-80% of race pace) and hold it for the duration.  Default is the usual FMWR Run Route from the Bubble:
  • From the main entrance of the Bubble...out to Cody Rd, turn left, and around the golf course towards Biddle. Go north on Biddle, then right on Pope by Munson. Run on Pope out to Grant and bend around the corner to the Infantry Barracks lot entrance.  Turn around and run back in reverse.  Distance = 3.1 miles.  Wait, a picture is worth a bunch of words.  See the map above.
Or, run any other route of your choosing…airfield…Hancock Rd with that nice flat stretch out to back gate…or (yuck) just hit the track for 12.5 laps.  Google map pedometer is another great tool to create your own route with decent accuracy.

If you are not bred from hardy stock and fear the cold weather, acceptable subs include rowing 5K at a moderate pace, or spending an equivalent time (20-25 min) in the pool.  If you choose the latter, include your warmup (kickboard, buoys) then maximize time swimming at a relaxed, sustainable pace for the remainder of the time.  Focus on efficiency, not intensity and limit your rest times.  Oh, and by the way...



Tina Kracke said...

Glad to be back at it and a run is perfect for one with a wrist injury! Will run out my front door w/ GPS & avoid time for commute. Looking forward to it & will feel at home in the cold (Chicago=HSH ).

Sam Friend said...

So I've been wanting to try out this WOD:
21 overhead squats
750m row
15 overhead squats
500m row
9 overhead squats
250m row

In that order.

Option 1: 95/65 (Round 1); 115/75 (Round 2); 135/95 (Round 3)
Option 2: 55/45 (Round 1); 75/55 (Round 2); 95/65 (Round 3)

I tried a few OHS and didn't feel up to Option 1, but better than Option 2... So Option 1.5 at 75, 95, and 115 it was. Yes, you change your own weights with the clock running.
11:10 with unbroken sets, surprisingly. Maybe I should have done Option 1. It was a great workout for both legs and shoulders.
You might see this WOD and Options like these in the future... I liked it... I hope you will like it.

Jacob Heppner said...


I like you.

Ross said...


Sorry, not man enough to brave the -5 degrees, and the -20 windchill.

Chose the 5k Row - really focused on keeping my pace slow - tried to stay @ 27 or 28 Strokes / min - with that I was able to average a 1:57 pace not breaking any speed records, but overall a much better row for me. I usually row too fast (33 or 35 strokes / min) and tire myself out I was able to keep the same pace and felt alot better.

5k time - 19:30 - :59 sec faster than I did on 22 Jan 14.

Meg Smith said...

Did 4.26 miles today for my 1/2 marathon training. Took 41 minutes.

Sam--looks like a great WOD!