Feb 12, 2014

Thursday 02.13.14

Active Recovery Day

1) Warm-up
Modified FROM Warmup

2) Skill

A. Double under clinic, then:

B. 40-30-20-10 reps for time of:
       Double unders
       Single unders

C.  10 mins HSPU development (see notes)

3) Mobility
Active Stretching / Lacrosse Ball / Foam Roller

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, get your warm up in first and be ready to huddle for DU clinic at these times)

Warmup.  You've been doing this for a while.  Switch up your movements a little today based on the Skill work to follow.  We're gonna jump rope already...get on the rower and row 400 easy and finish with a Power 10. We're gonna handstand, so do some different stuff:  PVC dislocations / passthroughs, light KB push press, star or divebomb pushups.  You get the idea, don't be a slave to the whiteboard.  Finish with some heel cord/calf stretches and ready to go.

Jump Rope.  Intent with the "clinic" is to spend about 10 mins reviewing fundamentals/progressions/tips, then 10 mins or so practicing and providing feedback to jumpers.  DU maestros, please lend your experience and help people out. This article compiles a number of useful videos, do your homework and come prepared!

Then, treat the practical exercise as you would intervals on the track. Get the DU with max effort, as fast as you can, then "jog" with a set of singles. What to do if you don't have DU down?  Instead of 40-30-20-10 DU, sub 4-3-2-1 attempts at max DU and do singles as Rx in between.

HSPU.  General goal is to spend as much as possible of the 10 mins inverted and working.  A way would be to kick up, perform a HS hold for 5 seconds, and perform a negative down to your target (beginner: 2-3 abmats, intermediate: floor, advanced: deficit).  Then either drop and kick back up, or drive back up with a tight kip.  The price for muscle failure is high when you're upside down!  Leave enough in the tank to control your descent, then rest and shake it out.  Scale further with wall walks / holds or pike holds on the ground/off a box.

More on developing your HSPU kip here, but consider this logical argument for developing strength in the strict HSPU first.


Meghan Smith said...

DU clinic? DU and SU? "I wish I had my own rope!!"

Go to www.rxjumpropes.com and figure out your handle, your cable length, color, and weight and put your name on the list hanging on the whiteboard. Order is going in this weekend, they usually arrive within a week. We often get as much as 15-20% off as long as we get enough orders.

Jacob Heppner said...

Snatch this morning.

215# for 2 reps at 3 position pause and 5 reps of a regular snatch.

Jimmy Chen said...

DU clinic was very enlightening, as I got some pointers on how to improve folks who're attempting DUs for the first time. Kudos to Kurt for pointing out that jump height is just as important in the coordination piece since most people "hop" rather than "jump" over their ropes.

My original fix was that people weren't using their wrists, but were relying too much on the elbows. A good visual cue I've found is if you have your forearms perpendicular to your body (kinda like a "t"), then you're most likely forcing the rope too hard with your elbows instead of your wrists. I've tried this out before and found that I get exhausted much faster than keeping my elbows as close to my sides as possible and just "flicking" my wrists.

My final thoughts on DU improvement is to find your "sweet spot" in terms of rhythm. Think of it as driving a manual transmission car, or stick shift. Most people can manage single unders and get into a comfortable rhythm, but as soon as the brain makes that transition into DUs, that's when everything falls apart. I've found that if you use a "sum of parts" approach, it becomes easier.

Specifically, keep your rhythm, but if you notice that you're hopping, try getting more height while still single under jumping. Once your brain makes that transition and you get your rhythm back, then work on arm placement, wrists, etc. Of course, this is by no means a magic bullet approach; it's just something that I managed to work out after a couple of years of trial and error trying to string DUs.

Ross said...


DU/SU Transitions went ok.

I managed 40DU, 30SU, then 29 DU before tripping up. Finished my set of 30 DU (1Rep), then did the 30 SU, managed 20 DU, but tripped on the transition back to SU. Finished with 20 SU, 10 DU, 10 SU smooth transitions. Interesting concept, never really thought of doing DU/SU intervals before. Kinda like it, kinda hate it.

Time 2:32.

HSPU (Kipping) work just started working sets of 5 exceeded my 10 minute time with rests breaks, and some messing around on Bar MU in between sets. But ended up doing 10 sets of 5 Kipping HSPU.

Meghan Smith said...

Good work with the 0545 crew on DU and kipping HSPU. Simple cues make big changes in stuff like jumping rope. Great work on chasing the goat!

EJ Gust said...

I've been suffering from a severe lack of spine over the past three days and I finally got back into it today. I did the Cindy WOD from yesterday - 23 rds + 1 pullup, then rested 16 minutes and did today's DU WOD - 2:10.


Showed up at 0900 and rocked "Amanda" at 9:01 Rx. Great way to mix DUs into a manageable WOD.

Matt B. said...

Workout 1 this am with the work's org day at Gruber. 5x shuttle runs in the basketball court (down/back/down/back), then I took the 2k leg of a 3k C2 row. Was planning on an easy 2:00/500m pace, but other competitors rocked the 1:45/1:50 pace. I probably did 1:45 the first 500, 2:00 the middle 1k, and 1:45/1:50 the last 500. I try to look down so I'm not hypnotyzed by watching the screen, but I got some good coaching cues that my head down was causing me to lean too far forward. Looking up a bit led to a better movement.

Workout 2. After kids went to bed, got Wednesday's front squat in. Still don't have a good 1rm, so I went with 3x3 of 135-140-145.

Roger Wang said...

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