Feb 5, 2014

Thursday 02.06.14

Active Recovery Day

1) Warm-up
Row 10 min, holding 25-30 strokes/min (SPM)

2) Skill
3 Rounds (for quality) of:
10 Overhead squat (45/25)
10 Pike push-ups
10 Back extension

Practice Kipping (Gymnastic or Butterfly) PU or Bar Muscle-up technique

3) Cool down
500m row – slow to moderate pace

4) Mobility
Active Stretching / Lacrosse Ball / Foam Roller

Post work / insights to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to for a WOD review at these times)

Active recovery...lay off the heavy stuff, we're just going to get those muscles moving to promote the healing/flushing processes at work. A lot of stuff on the agenda for today, but nothing at high intensity. So feel free to modify the movements as you see fit, but resist the urge to slap some plates on the OHS or sub HSPU for pike PU. Do everything at a controlled pace with extra emphasis on technique and body position.

Rowing. On the warmup, experiment a little with your damper setting. Hold that SPM rate steady and warmup in the middle for a bit. Then go high (8-10) at the same SPM, and note the power produced (in terms of 500m pace). Then go low (1-3), and try to achieve the same power output. You can...it's just gonna feel a lot different. At a low damper setting, you need to coordinate your drive more quickly in order to generate power. Try to walk away with a better understanding of where your comfort zone is for future sprints and distance rows. For the short cooldown, consider going without straps to promote good technique (see more here).

Skill. Just learning the kipping pullup? Tons of good instructional vids out there, here's just one.


Meg Smith said...

From Ted Hanger, Former IMCF:

Any elite athletes interested in making some money at the Battle in the Bluffs? I know it is the weekend before the Open starts but big money is getting distributed for the elite division and they have a low turnout. Only six females and eleven males. First prize for each gender is $3,500, second is $1,000 and $500 for third. Its Feb 21-23 in Council Bluffs (Omaha basically)

More details available online but figured I'd pass on the info!


Please welcome the newest member if IMCF.

Addison Sue born at 0210 on 06feb14.

Tara also set a new PR by beating her last "labor WOD"

See y'all in a week!

Jimmy Chen said...

Congrats, Rob!!

Sam Friend said...

Awesome, Rob!... And great job on the PR, Tara!

Andy said...

Great news, Rob. Big congrats!

Jacob Heppner said...

Congratulations Rob!

Ross said...

Congrats Rob and Tara

monroe said...

Rob, congrats on Addison Sue's birth. Let's start programming now: body weight snatch by age six.

Andy said...

Not to detract from the big news, but is Tara the only one that did some work this AM? :)

Hatch 11/1:
HBBS 5x155, 3x185, 2x205-225, 1x245-265
FS 5x135-155-165-165

Good skill circuit, the OHS/BE combo was a good one. Also learned a bunch of new shoulder stabilization exercises at PT today, come find me if interested.

Matt B. said...

Rob, Tara, congratulations!

Lunchtime WOD at Gruber. Too cold to run to the Bubble and I won't give up my parking spot. Made up yesterday's WOD and posted on yesterday's blog. I'm sure someone doing Grace is a strange sight in Gruber.

Kurt Knoedler said...

Congrats Rob and Tara!

Great Rowing warm-up finding my damper setting sweet spot. Knocked out the WOD and then when on to Clean and Jerk work.

Had lots of energy this afternoon and so knocked out a 1k swim.

Nick Talbot said...


I will definitely be after you for some of those shoulder exercises!

Got a steady 2700m in on the rower for warm up. Finally started to get comfortable with the OHS on the third go-around, guess that just means more practice!

I think I'm going to work the FROM warmup into a daily routine, it's a gasser (as far as warmups go.... muy caliente), I bet it will be good in the long run!

Congrats Rob!!!