Feb 3, 2014

Snow (Hey Oh)

UPDATE -- at 1600 Monday, post issued a 3-hr delay for Tuesday.  Let's assume that is just a formality to buy time for a post closure.  Plan to workout from home, especially if you are not on post.   Mother Nature -- constantly varied before the phrase was in style.   Be safe.

Nice face, lady!
Major storm expected tomorrow, with snow starting early and continuing throughout the day and into the evening.  Not sure how or when post will make the weather call Tuesday (or Wednesday), but as always check the post road status page for up to date info.  Implications:
  • Programming Clinic / Strategy Session.  POSTPONED until next Tue, 11 Feb at 1600.  Details via e-mail and on the programming forum, location still TBD.  Anyone that wants input/insight on how IMCF designs programming in the near future is welcome to attend. 
  • Post Closures.  Obviously if they shut it down, no Bubble WOD.  We are planning home/alternate WODs and will post those to get you warmed up for shoveling snow.
  • Delayed Start.  If we get a standard 2-hour delay Wed, we will shoot for a 0800 mass start.  Hustle to make way for Results class at 0900.  Otherwise, coordinate makeup sessions on the blog.
Either way, be smart about commuting in for your morning WOD.  No need to get out on the road if you don't need to be here the rest of the day.

Just for fun, a RHCP tune to make your day.  Poor guys...upstaged by Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl.  50+ years old and they can still bring it, and relegated to playing a single song from 20 years ago.  Enjoy.

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