Feb 5, 2014

Notes and Stuff

A few updates / announcements on this productive 4-hour workday:

On-Ramp.  Next one is scheduled for Sat, 22 Feb from 0830-1230.  Watch for flyers and "official" announcement soon.

Coach's Clinics.  Heads up -- no formal sessions for trainer prep this time.  Plan is to end morning sessions the next two weeks by gathering up anyone that can support, and doing live/full presentations of 1 of the 9 movements.  Great practice for instructors, great way for new people to brush up on technique.  Details in WOD notes next week.

Gymnastics Seminar.  (Thanks, Allie!) For those interested, a unique opportunity to build on the "control of own body" layer of the pyramid.  Should be a great session with NAKA/GWODs own Carl Paoli, who has a reputation as an awesome teacher.
What: Freestyle Connection Seminar with Carl Paoli
Where: Sunday, 16 Feb 14 from 0900-1700
Where: K-State CrossFit in Manhattan, KS
Base cost is $295,  some (CF L1, military & teachers) are eligible for a 15% discount.  Details at www.gymnasticswod.com/seminars.


Jimmy Chen said...

Ha! Love the scaled version of shoveling snow. Rest assured, I did this workout Rx'd...THRICE.

Would like to help out for this month's on-ramp again, as it really improved my understanding of technique - sort of lends to the old adage of teachers learn from teaching.

Will be eagerly waiting for WOD notes next week for specifics...

Allie Scott said...

Hey guys - I signed up for the Seminar in Manhattan on Sunday the 16th. If anyone else will be there please let me know!

And Jimmy - you're an awesome demo, can't lose you for the on-ramps.