Mar 2, 2014

Open WOD 14.1 Judge Coordination

WOD 14.1 is on the streets.  The primary session for all registered athletes is the Friday AM session, show for the WOD brief at 0545 sharp.  Other planned IMCF sessions are noted in the schedule below and will be updated as they are arranged.  Request and coordinate additional judge support in the comments as needed.  Expand post for more info and WOD schedule.

Just a reminder -- YOU, the athlete, must upload your own scores to the Games site after you complete the WOD.  The IMCF team will validate them online before the submission deadline.  If you run into any issues, post to comments or contact your judge.

Judge roster and contact info are posted here, but please use this site for routine coordination so others can pile on to planned sessions.
  • JUDGES - please nominate times you are available, or if you plan to support a scheduled time.
  • REGISTERED ATHLETES - try to fall in on arranged sessions and post a comment to confirm attendance. If something doesn't meet your needs, you can request a time.
  • Running summary of confirmed times shown below; check comments for most current info. 

Slight change -- all listed times are athlete show/setup times, WOD brief at ~show time +:15.

0530-UTC:  MAIN SESSION - try to make this one (10+ judges)
0900-1030:  Scheduled (Meg, Steph, Ad)

1300-1400:  Scheduled (Noah, others TBD)
1600-1730:  Scheduled (Mike, Carlos, others TBD)
Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)

0800-1000:  Scheduled -- 0820 athlete brief, 0830 Heats start (Andy, Adam, Russ, others TBD)

No planned scoring sessions. Individual coordination by exception only.

0530-0730:  Normal morning IMCF WOD hours.  Judges available ~0615-0730.

0900-1000:  Available (Meg, others)
*1200:  Submission deadline is 1900 local. If you have not executed by now, you are in "Crisis" mode!

1500-1700:  Planned (Mike D.) -- athletes/judges confirm attendance in comments!
Other sessions TBD (requires certified judge)


Andy said...

Have judges looking to organize sessions at 1300 and 1600 on Friday, and Sat AM. Times updated on the schedule. Drop a note if you can help judge at these times.

Jacob Heppner said...


Did you realize that:

"If you are in the top 200 worldwide as a Masters Athlete (all 10 divisions), you will be eligible to complete four (4) additional workouts to earn a spot at the Games."

So you're "Open Season" could last 9 weeks. Geesh....

Meg Smith said...

We've got several judges and certified judges set up for 0900 on Fridays, too. Expect athlete brief at 0915 and kick off shortly after.

Andy said...

Good point Meg, and updated the schedule accordingly. Unless there is an issue (let me know) all posted times are athlete show times for warmup, setup, judge huddle. WOD brief at (+:15), heats immediately after.

Erin Rice said...

Thanks for having a Saturday session! Derrick and Erin Rice will be there Saturday morning

Mike D said...

If anyone is interested in trying 14.1 again on monday, I will be there around 1500-1700. Available to judge and will probably attempt to improve my score if anyone else is available.

monroe said...

Yeah Jake, that should thin the herd!
298 today, pretty happy with that.


Check out the article below concerning the thoughts behind making Double Unders an open work out

Gorilla Army said...

I would like to try to make it out there on Monday if possible. My husband and our family are stationed in Italy. I wanted to make it out there Saturday morning but my flight got in too late the night before. I am in town for just a few short weeks. I already attempted the workout at a box in Shawnee yesterday but I would like to improve my score and def want to check out Iron Major CF!! - Megan Boyd

Andy said...

Megan -- if you are up for early morning, can definitely find a judge for you then. Sweet spot will probably be between 0615 and 0700 to start. Also planning a late afternoon session around 1500.

Gorilla Army said...

Thanks Andy! I missed the opportunity today to get out there but I will come for 14.2! I'll keep an eye out for the times that you all are completing it and let you know when I plan on coming.