Feb 9, 2014

Monday 02.10.14

1) Strength
CrossFit Total
  Back Squat 1RM
  Press 1RM
  Deadlift 1RM

2) Skill
Core accessory work -- pick and choose from the menu:
  40 total reps anterior focus
  40 total reps posterior chain focus

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Strength.  Compare to 09.24.13 or 04.11.13.  No METCON today.  The CrossFit Total is a strength assessment that is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, shoulder press, and the deadlift, done in that order.  Recommend a review of Rippetoe's CrossFit journal article detailing this workout and how to approach it (see p4).  Visual learners, here's a WOD demo video.  Be sure to get a good general warm-up in -- maybe an abbreviated FROM -- and then warm up with a few sets of 2-3 reps before starting your heavy singles.

This should be approached as a maximum effort workout or a powerlifting meet.  After warming up, get your opener at about 90% of your current 1RM.  Your second rep should be either your current max or close, and your third should be a logical and achievable step up for a new 1RM, if you have enough in the tank to do it safely.

Get after it, but don't be greedy! Take the long view...incremental gains and forward progress are what it's all about.  As Rippetoe says in his article, "anyone in a position to attempt a legitimate CrossFit Total should be familiar enough with their capabilities on the lifts to have a fairly good idea of just what might be possible for a one-rep max."  If that's not you, focus on your form and establish a 3RM or work to some heavy singles without running in the red.

When you're done, check out the CF Total Chart that is available online here.  Where were you strong?  What is your weakness?  What's your plan to address it?

Skill.  The format should be familiar by now, we're adding some additional reps from last week.  Revisit the same movements, mix it up, or choose your own:
  • Anterior -- GHD SU, TTB, K2E, V-ups, Band pulldown, hanging leg raises, AMSU.
  • Posterior -- GHR, good mornings, bird dogs and variations, back ext, hip ext, GHD leg raises/reverse hypers, supermans.
COACHING FOCUS -- As discussed, this week and next we're going to prep for the next On-Ramp by doing full deliveries on each the 9 foundational movements.  Today, we open with (of course) the Squat.  Post WOD, grab anyone that's available and have one L1 run through the full spiel (shoot for 8-10 mins).  Review your PoP tonight, and bring your L1 guide in the AM.


Meghan Smith said...

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Name, email, handle style/color, cable length, cable color, cable weight. Instructions for measuring are at rxjumpropes.com. Replacement cables can be included but aren't eligible for discount--you'll essentially get free shipping though.

Jimmy Chen said...

Was blown away by the amount of people today, and that's coming in at 0630! Bar space was at a premium, so I partnered up with Kurt.

Compared to my last total, this was a major improvement! My last total was 605, but this time, I topped out at 645, so I definitely PR'd this one! All my lifts went up with the exception of back squat, which stayed the same. I was hoping to improve on that, but looks like it'll have to be another time!

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

BS @ 315lb (+20)
Press @ 150lb (+15)
DL @ 350lb (-15)

Total @ 815lb

Today was not the day for DL. Just didn't have it. Made three attempts at 365lb (PR). Made one attempt at 355lb.

Sam Friend said...

BS @ 265lb (10lb PR)
Press @ 150lb (equal to old PR)
DL @ 390lbs (5lb PR)

Total @ 805lb (big PR)

Everyone seemed to PR something today. Great job by all!

Andy said...

Good day. No new individual 1RMs, but tied best Total with room for improvement.

BS 320 (-5)
Press 140 (-10)
DL 365 (-10)
Total 825 (--)

Thought I PR'd my BS, but have a 325 on the books.

Squat coach clinic fell by the wayside...too much going on with the Total. We'll see if we can make it work tomorrow.

Ross said...


BS - 375
Press - 195
DL - 445

Total - 1015 (PR) by 20 lbs.

had cadet PT this morning and some other things going on so ran out of time for everything else.

Andy said...

Can't just casually slip that by us, Ross. Congrats on hitting quadruple digits! 1000+...damn, that's huge.


Rolled in at 0900 and dropped an 815 total. No PRs today, but it felt good to knock the rust off.

I'm gonna start working out regularly at 3:30 if anyone else wants to get a group together...send me a note.

Ross said...

Andy thanks, it was one of those days that everything just worked together, usually I get close but can't break 1000k mark, been at 985 or 995 for last three attempts for CFT. Looks like a lot of good PRs happening today for folks, I think it had something to do with DEC and JAN of hitting some good squat work across the board.

Now if I can just get stronger and get my strict press work above the 200 mark.

Jared said...

Previous CFT
BS - 265
Press - 155
DL - 295,

BS 315
Press 135
DL 345 (20# PR)
Very happy given the limited press work over the last two months.

Kurt Knoedler said...

CFT: BS 225
Press 135
DL 285
Total: 645 (equals my last CFT) I did not push my limits this morning. I'm looking to get a belt and some spotters next time.

Susan Friend said...

BS 215 (+25)
PR 85 (stayed the same)
DL 235 (+30)
TOTAL: 535

When we did CFT in September, my total was 480. My score today showed a 55 lb. improvement. I have Jacob and Jared's Dec/Jan "squat-centric" programming to thank.

Russ Ames said...

Improved in 2 since Sept. I think 3 really, but couldn't show it.

SP: 140 (+5)
BS: 290 (PR, +5)
DL: 305 (-30)...pressed for recovery time after squat. Should have done squat, press, then DL.

Total: 735

Chris, Meg, and Patrick Smith said...
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Meghan Smith said...

Did more of a 3RM Total instead...Press and DL went well, squat not as much as I would have liked. Not sure why, except maybe fatigue after a longer run yesterday for my 1/2 marathon training. First real distance race training I've done, so I'm learning how my fuel, rest, and recovery are changing.

Congrats on the PRs!

Matt B. said...

+1 on the strength bias in the programming. New CFT PR of 700# today. Compare to 635# in Dec '12 and 565# in Nov '11. New squat (+10) and deadlift (+10) PRs too. 10# under my all time press PR.

Squat: 235-245(old PR)-255 (PR)
Press: 115-120-125(F)
DL: 305-320(PR)-325(PR)

Plus I got my replacement Rogue SR-1 jumprope in and tested it out. Much improved over a broken-handled one. Got my double unders back!

Russell Gibson said...

BS: 255
Press: 145
DL: 335
Total: 735

I matched my previous best for BS and Press and this was my first 1RM for DL as well as my first CFT. So 2 PRs! Pretty happy with my total too.

Ricky C said...

BS: 315
Press: 175
DL: 425
Total: 915

All PRs.

All the credit to the programmers! Well done.

Congrats on all the PRs.