Feb 20, 2014

Friday 02.21.14

REMINDER -- Team WOD will be followed by info briefs for Open Games athletes and judges.

1) Strength
Deadlift 5-3-1 at 65-75-85%

2) Team WOD
“CrossFit Squaredance”
In teams of 4, for time (30 min cap):

Athlete 1&2 hold plank; Athlete 3&4 work one at a time:
30 Deadlifts (225/155)
60 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
Complete as a team:
400m Run
40 total Ground to Overhead (135/95) -- one athlete works at a time, partition reps as needed
30 Wallball (20/14) each (relay style -- all do 30 reps)
Athlete 3&4 L-Hang; Athlete 1&2 work one at a time:
60 Box Jump Overs
30 Deadlifts (225/155)

3) Skill (optional)
Core accessory work -- pick and choose from the menu and do:
   50 total reps anterior/abdominal focus
   50 total reps posterior chain focus

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes.  (standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550)

Team WOD.  Grab your partner, round and round...should be a fun one!  Make sure you make the WOD brief warmed up and ready to go.  Going with larger groups to enable camaraderie and workload.  Branch out and work with somebody new!  Set up 5 or 6 team lanes (24 pax) with box, bar, and wall work area.  At least one person must hold the rest position during the first and third portions. No rest position in the middle portion enables max team support and maximum changing out.
  • Deadlifts. Don’t sacrifice form for speed. You have a partner, so don’t be a hero – switch out every 5-7 reps.  Scale the weight to the ability of your team, 225/185/135/115, etc.
  • Box jump overs. As with Wednesday’s Filthy 50, warm up well, stretch calves / roll Achilles, and scale movement as needed. You can jump or step up, stop on top, and step down (“up and over”), do the same laterally (“lateral up and over”), or do a full tuck jump All the Way Over...see video here for a demonstration.
  • Transition. Cooperate and Graduate. Finish the run as a team, change plates like a NASCAR pit crew, and start the GTO. May be muscle snatch, power snatch, C&J, Clean & Press, Clean & Push Press….just get it extended overhead, with full range of motion. Scale to 115/75 if needed, per the ability of your team.
  • Wall Balls. Relay style, as opposed to switching out. All four pax take turns doing 30 WB each before tagging out. We’ve had a lot of these lately.  Do sets of 5-10, rest no more than two deep breaths. Your teammates will keep you honest.
  • Home Stretch. Shoulders are smoked at this point, so #3 and #4, you all get to L-hang, hang in a knee raise,or just hang...pending your waning level of energy and grip strength. Technically, at least one person on the bar at a time, but a real buddy team will be up there together.

Skill.  Choose any combination of the following exercises to hit 50 total reps in each category. Obviously, if you're spent from the METCON ease up on reps or skip one/both.  Sub some quality stretching/mobility work if needed.


Cedric Burden said...

Enjoyed the WOD! Great team work Good Luck Chuck, Jimmy and Steve!!

Matt B. said...

Combined make up today:

Shoulder press 5-3-1(and 3 and 1)

DU and mobility in between sets.
Burgener warmup
3x hang snatch @ 75#
3x full squat snatch @ 75#
3x4 snatch pulls/extentions @ 135
More pullups and DU

Good experience approaching someone and providing coaching tips. In Gruber none-the-less. Helped to start off with positive feedback on a solid midline with heavy squats. Discussion then allowed room to point out the cue to track the knees over the toes.

monroe said...

Warmed up with T2B practice and some bar drills, light snatch work, then:
Snatch 135x1x10
HBBS 185x5x3
FS 135x5x4