Feb 13, 2014

Friday 02.14.13

Will you be my Team WOD partner?
1) Strength
Deadlift 3 x 3 at 70-75-80%

2) METCON (Team WOD)

In 2-person teams...
20 min AMRAP
  400m Run (pacing)
  Max effort Toes to Bar (scoring)

Score is total TTB completed.

3) Skill
40 total reps posterior chain accessory work

Post loads and team scores to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes.  (standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550)

METCON.  Yes, it's warm enough to run!  Spring is in the air -- it's supposed to hit 60 tomorrow.  OK, maybe not that warm tomorrow morning...wear a zip hoodie or something else that lets you regulate your temp.  Add a hat and some light gloves, and you're good to go.  In all seriousness, quick route recon on iciness before GO to make sure we're good, and reflector belts are a good thing at 0600.

Simple format -- perform as many TTB as possible in the time it takes your partner to run.  TTB athlete may come off the bar briefly to reset.  If you reach grip failure late in the WOD and cannot continue, rest in the plank position until swapout.  Pass on the rep count at the transfer.  Want to go beast mode?  Level the playing field and limit yourself to a single max unbroken set of TTB per round, plank the remainder.

Strength & Skill.  Knock those deadlifts out before or after Team WOD, just don't cheat your warmup.  Familiar format on skill work, but posterior movements only today.  Think your abs of steel will be good after all those TTB...40 total reps:
  • Options:  GHR, good mornings, bird dogs and variations, back ext, hip ext, GHD leg raises/reverse hypers, supermans.


Russ Ames said...

Smaller group due to the 4-day, but good times this morning. Great to get outside a bit.

212 TTB with Ken; then dead lifts 3x3 235-250-275.

Rewarded with special v-day breakfast with the fam, but I can't paste the photo of syrup-y French toast goodness.


Teamed up with Kurt ant knocked out 223. Other than my total wipe out on the run, it was a good WOD.

Sam Friend said...

Nothing's better than doing a Valentines Day WOD with your Sweatheart!
Susan and I teamed up to bust out 250 TTB.
I wish I could say sorry for stepping on your hand when you wiped out on the run, Rob... but, anything to get an advantage on the competition, right? Seriously... sorry about that.

Ross said...


Lazy day today for me.

Did some BJ, WB, DU, TGU, GHD, Situps, nothing structured, just mostly playing around working out some tightness and demo'ing for cadets during PT.

Hit the DLs. 3x3 @ea 315,335,355.

Kurt Knoedler said...

Great team WOD this morning, I was suprised that my grip lasted throughout the entire 20 min. I learned that the key to success in the team WOD is to pick a strong partner so you can look better!
Back before joining "the team" I use to hate team WOD days, now I look forward to them.