Feb 6, 2014

Friday 02.07.14

1) Strength
Deadlift 3 x 5 at 65-70-75%
Rest 2 min between sets

2) METCON (Team WOD)
"Row Gone Wrong"
In 3-person teams, on a continuously running clock...
Perform 3 x 3:00 rounds of:
   A. Max effort Row (cal)
   B. Max reps Thrusters (75/55)
   C. Jump rope (DU or singles, see notes)

In FGB style, athletes rotate between the 3 stations after 1 minute.  Rest exactly 1 minute between rounds.  Your score = team total thrusters + team total calories rowed.

3) Skill:
Core & posterior chain work -- pick and choose from the menu:
25 total reps anterior/abdominal focus
25 total reps posterior chain focus

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550)

Deadlifts.  On your own or in small groups, knock 'em out.  Relatively low intensity, so should not profoundly affect your METCON.

Team WOD.  No rocket science math needed, just hand off # of thrusters to each other and mark down running thruster/row totals after each WOD.  Should be a relatively quick, hard hitting WOD.  Don't underestimate the difficulty of 3 x ::60 rounds of max rep thrusters, though.  They'll getcha.

Row and thrusters are the scoring exercises.  The rope jumping?  That's just there to mess with you.  Approach it however you want...if you're smoked after thrusters, shoot for a nice continuous pace of singles to keep you moving.  Stink at DU?  A few honest attempts at stringing them, and finish with singles.  If you've got your DU, no better time to practice them than when you're taxed.  Max reps every round, even if you earn nothing but respect for the effort.

ONE MORE JOB for the jumper of ropes.  Multitask and monitor your partner's thruster form.  Especially in the later rounds, if you see sloppiness (losing the lumbar curve, bar drifting forward, failure to get good depth or full extension) give them a "RESET!" cue.  Thrustee will drop the bar, shake it out, tighten up, and reattack.  Only costs you :5-:10 seconds, and it just might prevent a blowout.

Before breaking out to finish off skill work, let's huddle and talk upcoming events: programming meeting, coach's clinic plan, and Open Games.

Skill.  Finish with some core strength accessory work in the same format as Wed.  Revisit the same movements or mix it up:
  • Anterior -- GHD SU, TTB, K2E, Band pulldown, hanging leg raises, AMSU
  • Posterior -- GHR, good mornings, bird dogs and variations, back ext, hip ext, GHD leg raises/reverse hypers, supermans.


Jacob Heppner said...

Packed house this morning!

Back Squat: 370# for sets 6/5/4/2

Dan R. said...

Good group workout this morning. Worked TTB after WOD. Will have to make up deadlifts later. Limited supply of weights (See Jacob's previous post.).

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Deadlift (1RM ~365lb...T1RM ~330lb)
5-5-5 @ 215/230/245

WOD: (solo)
Total Reps = 256

3x10 KTE

IronJake78 said...

I was digging the motivational speech by Andy this morning.

Back Squat: 310x3x5
Press: 140x3x5
Power Clean: 185x3x5

That was adequately hard. I'm still all sore from pushing cars around and falling in the snow!

Great advice from Elizabeth today about my weight belt, I tightened it up as she recommended, I'll have to do more with it like that, because other than it just being uncomfortable I didn't see any difference.

Also I used weightlifting shoes today to squat in. I didn't notice any difference there either, but I sure looked like a lifter with a tight belt and weird shoes!

Random things I find in my gym bag: Today I found a really neat looking swiss army knife with a wood finish on the handle and a picture of buck on the side. I have no idea how it got there, it is not mine. I keep hoping I'll find a honey bun in there...

Andy said...

Good format today. Performed separately with Jim & Allie to combine for 298? reps. Jim bravely went 95 on thrusters due to plate shortages, so I had to follow suit. That hurt. Couldn't do a DU to save my life. DL 225-255-275, TTB, and some funky supine barbell pelvic thrusts things after.

Ha, Jake. You will be totally legit if you start wearing a singlet as well.

Nick Talbot said...

That WOD was fun this morning! I went cyclic on the first round of thrusters and paid for it every subsequent minute of the WOD (even the rest... those were hard!)

235-265-285# on DL's for warmup followed by some easy rowing... last set of DLs was an eye-opener (definitely need to look at keeping the legs engaged the entire time and not just transitioning to a back extension :p)

Andy, if you hear me cursing up a storm in the corner, DU's weren't the problem, SU's were for sets #2 and #3... dunno what was going on there!

Russell Gibson said...

Dead Lift: 225, 245, 255. I still need to find my 1RM

WOD: (solo) w/ 65# thrusters
Cals: 18,18,19
Thrusters: 13,13,15
for a total of 96
I didn't count my jump rope reps.

Finished with GHD Sit ups, AMS, TTB, and bird dogs. Also adding in some strict pull ups at the end every day as I am very weak on those.