Feb 26, 2014

2014 Open -- Are You Ready?

LET'S GET IT ON!  Almost showtime -- WOD 14.1 posts at 1900 tomorrow on the Games Site, we'll re-post it here as quickly as possible.  Just in case you have been living under a rock and have missed all the info flying around about the Open, here's a quick review to make sure you are ready for Open WOD 14.1.
  • Primary WOD session is Friday morning at 0545.  The WOD brief will kick off at 0545 (be on time!) with first heat starting at ~0600.  Judges, please show at 0515 for judge review and setup.
  • Priority of support (both equipment and judges) goes to registered athletes during this period. Once we push them through, we will assist with additional heats for non-registered athletes and scaled versions of the WOD.
  • Registered athletes must receive a WOD brief before "3,2,1...Go."  No exceptions.  Help us out by being on time for the mass brief, and by reviewing all of the supporting info and videos on movement standards, execution, and scoring.
  • If you are a Regional hopeful, you must videotape your workout.  Know the video standards.  And, bring your own recording device.  We'll probably have backups for you, but we won't be held responsible if we have a device malfunction after your 47th thruster.  If you want to store your videos on the IMCF YouTube portal (not viewable to the public), send an email and we'll forward you instructions.
  • Competitors -- if you can't make the Friday morning session, use the "Judge Coordination" post to find an alternate time.
  • You (and only you) are responsible for submitting scores online well before the deadline (Monday, 1900) and ensuring they get validated.  You will receive a signed result card when you finish.  Upload your score to the Games site, and a member of the IMCF team will validate that score.  If you don't do it on time, you will get a big fat goose egg for a score.  No bueno.
  • NEW -- just found the FAQ section of the Games site.  More info on submitting scores here, worth a look.
Any questions?  Post to comments or bring them Friday morning...along with your A-game!!!

"The Open is Upon Us"
WOD 14.1 posts in just over 24 hours.  If you're not fired up, this ought to help.
(Editors note...no kettlebells in Harney Pool, please)

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