Feb 19, 2014

Admin Notes

On-Ramp.  In case you missed all the flyers, last chance to register for Saturday's On-ramp / Fundamentals class this Sat from 0830-1230!  RSVP to Charles at cscharlesslider4@gmail.com NLT Thursday...  Details on the on-ramp program here.

2014 Open Games.  We have 27 athletes registered under IMCF.  Could use a couple more horses to contribute to the IMCF Team -- it's a long shot, but will be fun. We have two info sessions planned this week in preparation for WOD 14.1.
  • Friday, 21 Feb at ~0630.  Immediately following Team WOD, we will huddle for both athlete and judge info briefs.  The purpose of both is to make sure we all understand the process and ensure that no one gets surprised on Game Day the following Friday. 
  • Sat, 22 Feb at ~1230.  Immediately following On-Ramp, we'll be prepared to cover the same info for athletes and judges that couldn't make Friday.
We will also be available at both sessions to answer any questions if you are still debating whether or not to register.  Do you have to sign up and pay?  No.  Are there benefits?  Yeah.  Should you do it?  I think so, but of course it's up to you.  Some thoughts from Susan:
The Open is just about a week away; it is time to get off the fence! IMCF has a handful of fire breathers, and it will be thrilling to watch them destroy the Open WODs. While it is fun to watch elite athletes go beast mode, though, the Open is not really for them. Regionals is their destination. The Open is for everyone else.

For me, the Open serves as an annual fitness checkup. When doing CrossFit, sometimes I push myself hard; sometimes I don't. Sometimes I perform sloppy repetitions or skip WODs that contain movements I don't like. The Open is my moment of truth. No scaling, no cheating range of motion, no exercise induced counting failure, and no avoiding my goats. The workouts are painful and the scrutiny is uncomfortable, but it's worth it. In challenging myself, I discover strength I didn't know I had, and it feels good.

So, why pay the $20? Why not just perform the Open WODs on your own? When you invest the $20, you are more likely to take the competition seriously and give it your all. You are less likely to make excuses and more likely to derive the benefits of participation, such as increased confidence and greater mental fortitude.
What motivates you to participate in the Open?  Post your thoughts to the comments.

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