Jan 27, 2014

Weekend Update II: Upcoming Events

2014 CrossFit Open Games.  We are ONE MONTH out from Open WOD 14.1  Time to get focused!  
  • General Info - Check out the new Open Games page, accessible at the top of the IMCF site.  Lots of info and links, including the HQ Games site, registration link, and rulebook.  Get signed up...and join the IMCF Team!
  • IMCF Judge Team - the judge registration process will begin today, details will be sent on the trainer e-mail distro.  To judge and validate scores for IMCF, you must be an L1 trainer and active member of the IMCF community.  Request judges complete signup THIS WEEK so we can get a handle on numbers.  Signup form will be posted here soon.
Programming Workgroup.  Our next session is Tuesday, 28 Jan at 1130 over at the 12th Brick Grill function room.  We will review upcoming program cycles and and have a roundtable discussion on programming guidelines for the next few months. Primary audience is L1 programmers, but anyone interested in learning more about programming is welcome to attend.

Oly Seminar.  This Saturday (1 Feb, 0830-1230) our friends at Athletic Body & Mind are running a weightlifting seminar at the Bubble.  Spaces are still available...it's a great way to prep for the CF Open Games.  Details in the flyer below, registration through the AB&M website.

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IndiraDonegan said...

do you mean that judges should sign up for the games or is there an additional sign up for being a judge? Just let me know so that I can help out! Thanks.

Mike Donegan

Andy said...

Mike -- Thanks for clarifying, yes...JUDGE signup, separate process from registering for the Games. You should have some additional details in your e-mail, and will post the judge signup form shortly. -AM