Jan 26, 2014

Weekend Update I: Jan 2014 On-ramp

Thanks again to all the attendees and trainers that participated in On-ramp Saturday!  We welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvement in the comments section.  If you missed out, next on-ramp will take place in Feb. For those that attended...OK, so what next?
  • We encourage you to tie in to IMCF and join us at our morning sessions, M-F at 0545 and 0630.  Keep in mind, these are start times for the workout of the day (WOD).  Plan to be there about 20-30 minutes early to warm-up, review the day's workout with a trainer, and get set up for "3,2,1...Go!" at these times.
  • If you follow IMCF programming, check in here every evening after 1800 to preview the following day's WOD.  The workouts are normally accompanied by detailed instructions, recommendations on scaling, and demo/instructional videos for the various movements.  A little prep time the night before will allow you to hit the ground running when you show up in the AM.
What to do if the early morning sessions don't fit your schedule?  You can follow IMCF programming (or Main Site workouts, or any other quality functional fitness programming) on your own, or try to link up with others at lunch or in the afternoon.  Remember the progression of Mechanics / Consistency / Intensity, and don't be afraid to ask for help from others in the Bubble.  You can always tap into the IMCF trainer community for assistance and use the blog comments section for Q&A or to coordinate additional start times.

There are also other quality functional fitness and CF-based programs that operate out of the Bubble and provide additional options for class schedules and coaching.  See the Harney Gym website for more info on classes and rates.  Hope to see you around the Bubble!

Jan14 On-ramp Participants

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