Jan 28, 2014

Wednesday 01.29.14

Active Recovery

5 minutes maximum DU.  Warm up then count total DU completed with a 5 min continuously running clock. There are no substitutes.
Post DU count to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready crush double unders at these times)

Also...prepare to show off your new 1RM Back squat on Thursday.   Spend about 10 minutes doing light squats today in preparation...7X5 at 50% of your 1RM. Focus on reaching full depth below parallel. Slow going down then drive up hard out of the hole.


IronJake78 said...

Today was a good day for Iron

Back Squat 280x3x5
Bench Press 175x3x5
Deadlift 340x5

Final lament on the 5/3/1. Honestly I do not blame the program for my zero gain, like I said I did not do the assistance work most of the time, and programs such as that depend greatly on the assistance work to make up the difference. My own fault.

No worries, I tend to respond better to the full body workload so I'll stick to the Starting Strength model for a bit, test out and then perhaps go for 5/3/1 again or use the Texas Method. That's the fun about lifting, you can not get a PR everyday and the ones you do get you literally earned and are worthly accomplishments.


Ross said...


Cold reach full blown status today and no amount of medicine was going to help that much.

Cadet PT we did interval sprints for a total of 3 miles of distance covered then worked PU, SU, Dips, Rope climbs and Pull-ups

DU - 220 too many breaks to try and breath.

HBBS 7x5 @ 200 (193 was my target weight I just rounded up).

Jacob Heppner said...


First, do you own a pair of Olympic lifting shoes? Squats only. I wouldn't advise them for bench or DL. If not, I highly recommend you invest in a pair they will improve your back squat...."or your money back." Also I know you are a complete fan of the Back Squat/Bench/Deadlift combination, while I'm more of a Back Squat/ Clean/Snatch. Have you ever tried just a Back Squat (Squat Program)? For instance, SMOLOV/Hatch? I'm sure you can supplement deadlift and Bench press inside these squat programs. I started following SMOLOV strictly since the end of December and have already seen gains in Back Squat. Now it does require you to squat 4x per week, heavy sets. But I think MAKING your body adapt to such large loads is a great way to make gains. On the note of Hatch, which includes Back & Front Squat, I know Andy has been doing that since December also. Hatch involves squatting 3x per week (~4 sets of Back Squat & ~4 sets of Front Squat). If you ask me, I think back squat carries over into every lift.


Go to link for example of how a large back squat carries over to METCONs like Karen (150x WBs).

Now you are much more versed and knowledgable on strengh programs and the literature/research that follows. I'm completely biased also concerning back squats and how great they are, and honestly I probably should include more deadlifts/bench press in my workouts. But if you are looking for a good strength program that I believe you WILL see gains from I recommend SMOLOV/Hatch. Though be prepared, SMOLOV can be quite taxing and large loads over large sets....blow.


Andy said...

223 today, hit a wall and couldn't get going again. Gave away my good rope, I'll use that as my excuse.

Worked with a work bud with zero DU experience. Had him do 5 mins of singles with 10 parallette bar lateral hops EMOM. A little explosive jump to go with the basic coordination for singles. Light technique work on squat/box squat after. Finished with TGU and ring work.

No expert but concur on the shoes. Not a magic fix for continued development, but definitely sets you up for moving better and might immediately boost your baseline #.

Kurt Knoedler said...

I hit 150 on the 5 min DU challange and then moved into the back squat warm ups for tommorw.

I could not leave the bubble knowing that I should have been able to do more than 150 so I tried the DU workout again. I hit 161 the second time around. A little better but shoulders were dead.


EJ Gust said...

Hey! One that I can do at home! I'll have to knock this out in the evening.

Allan Jackman said...

Got to swing by for one last WOD, 255 DUs. Sam got 255. Nice to see the familiar faces for a brief moment.

Allan Jackman said...

Oops, Sam got 256.

Sam Friend said...

I love chasing Allan. It is rare when I beat him. Great to have him here for a WOD again... Too bad he wasn't here for Fran.

Nick Talbot said...

Allan, great seeing you this morning!

I rocked a hard-core sub-100 :p Definitely need more practice, thinking of building a 100-DU set into my pre-WOD warmup.

EJ Gust said...

320 DU
Shoulders are rubber and I'm sure my neighbor in infantry barracks was curious about all the pounding on the floor at 8:30pm. I need to get these workouts in earlier!