Jan 21, 2014

Wednesday 01.22.14

HBBS 7x5 @75% 1RM
Rest two minutes between sets

Row 5k

Post loads and time to whiteboard and comments.

Back in the pool on Thursday...get your floaties blown up!

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)



Row Notes... 5ks are longs so...

1. Good form can be sustained longer than bad form.
2. Good form is leg drive-extend back to 11 o'clock position-arm pull to chest.
3. Stroke rate will either kill you or save you. Keep it around 26-28.
4. Damper setting DOES NOT mean more/less meters per pull. It merely changes the FEEL of the pull to best accommodate your stroke. Try between 3-6 and see how it FEELS.
5. Long powerful stokes are better than fast short stokes. You will see the difference in your Pace (m/500).
6. A 2:00min pace = 20min 5k, 1:50min pace = 18:20min 5k, 1:40min pace = 16:40min 5k.

Remember : damper setting DOES NOT determine meters, your leg drive does...

Sadr City King said...

finished at 19:57. Much better than my last bout of 21:34 back in June. Thanks Rob for the pointers for the last three months. the final 1000 meters was the hardest, lots of build up in the quads and hamstrings. Kudos for those of you that did squats before rowing. Charles

Ross said...


Cadet PT
1 mile run, 50 push ups, Stadium Run, 50 sit ups, 1 mile run, 50 push ups, stadium run, 50 dips

HBBS - 7x5 @310

Row 5k 20:29 about 15 sec better than my attempt last spring. Squats and running stadium stairs didn't help that row, completely wiped out right now.

Sam Friend said...

HBBS: 200 lbs
METCON: 19:23.1

That was incredibly tough to keep that number in the middle of the screen under 2:00. Thanks Rob for standing behind me, yelling my faults to the room... That's motivation. Seriously good corrections.

Andy said...

I fear this WOD, never rowed my imaginary boat that far. Going to try to get it in end of day around 1630.


19:18. First 2k was solid 1:45 pace. And then the wheels came off the bus. Pace kept creeping up to 1:57. Next time I will incorporate some "power 10s" to get my mind back in it and keep the pace down too.

Next goal is sub 19:00...

Jared said...

HBBS 7x5@265 then made the mistake of trying to row. Got through the initial 2K at 1:50 pace but then fell apart. Ended at 20:37 which is almost a minute slower than my last 5K. Must have been the squats.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels: been a bit...

HBBS @ 220lb


100x Abmat situps

Kurt Knoedler said...

HBBS @ 175 lbs

Finished the row in 19:21, 2 sec away from a new PR. So close.

Andy said...

19:41 -- let's not program that one again for a while. Tough on fresh legs, kudos to those that powered through after squats and other work. Every round # (500s, 1000s) was like a mental barrier...wanted to stop and rest. Tina kept me moving!

Russell Gibson said...

HBBS @ 195
22:04 on the 5K. Not complaining as that was my first 5K row. So a PR!

Matt B. said...

Couldnt fit one in during the workday, but did my squats as soon as I got home while dinner was cooking.