Jan 14, 2014

Wednesday 01.15.14

HBBS 7x5 at 75%
Rest at least two minutes between sets.

For time:
Row 1000m or Run 800m
50 Double-Unders
Row 750m or Run 600m
75 Double-Unders
Row 500m or Run 400m
100 Double-Unders

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.



BLUF: Everything I know is a lie...Damper settings DO NOT equate to more meters per pull...

"It is important to note that, unlike weightlifting, the goal is not to use a higher drag factor as a means of achieving fitness on the indoor rower. If your goal is to train for maximum power output, I suggest trying different damper levels and drag settings, while improving your speed, form, and muscle coordination, to discover where you can achieve the highest power output. This will be where you are able to get your best time for a test distance."

Check the article below... http://www.concept2cts.com/commercial/crossfit/CFIT_April07.pdf

Sam Friend said...

HBBS at 190
METCON - 14:43 (row Rx)
We had 3 new athletes join the early group. Welcome Anna, Lisa, and Tony. All were motivated and jumped in with both feet. They are great additions to our community.

IronJake78 said...

14:47 on the METCON

I admit I had every intention of running this morning when I went to bed, but boy oh boy it was chilly and I wimped out when I got in the bubble... for shame...
Rowing was fun though.

Anna, Lisa, and Tony were very brave this morning too, this just wandered on up to me and started asking about IMCF. I gave um' the skinny and passed them off to Sam, who did a great job of showing them the ropes! Cheers!


Jimmy Chen said...

It's great to be back in the Bubble! It's like coming home after a long trip abroad to stomach flu-ville....

In any case, 15'41" on METCON, while eschewing rowing in favor of running. I had the lovely reminder from college physiology classes that blood vessels constrict in cold weather. How that translates to this morning's WOD was a higher-than-usual hyperventilation after the first 800 meters.

DUs were a lot more painful coming in from the cold!

Matt B. said...
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Andy said...

Good job on the METCON, fellers. 16:01 rowing and had to work hard for it. Gassed after the 1K and DU in chunks of 10-15. I truly dislike rowing, and probably would have modified the WOD if I hadn't been with a group.

Ross said...


Had to do this over lunch, did a short ability group run this monring with cadets outside - not good for the lungs.

7x5 @300

RUN / DU for a time of 13:32 DUs went really well even on the set of 100 only took me three attempts to finish.

EJ Gust said...

I've been pretty busy this past week and have been knocking out WODs at the home gym.
Leigh woke me up this morning with a challenge of

20 thrusters (95 lbs)
20 burpees

I was able to get 5 rounds + 10 thrusters. It was a horribly good way to start the day!

Matt B. said...

170# on the HBBS.
18:24 on the METCON row/DU. Good DU sets on the first round, but they eluded me on rounds 2 and 3. Nice to have a three-some 3..2..1..GO with Andy and Pete at the noon hour.

Noah said...

185 on the HBBS.
12:35 on the METCON(run and DU).
Took me a bit to find my DU mojo but eventually found it.

Russell Gibson said...

185 HBBS. 16:09 METCON w 3/1 SU
Working in the afternoons this week.