Jan 27, 2014

Tuesday 01.28.14

Early AM Results
For time, 21-15-9:
  Thrusters (95/65)

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Fran at these times)

Main WOD
Recall the “fractured Fran" from the start of the month (Jan 2nd)?  Make it a goal to match the work time from that WOD, except this time there is no resting.  Simple enough, right?

Before or after your experience with Fran, spend some time re-doing the anterior and posterior mobility work from Jan 16th. We are going to retest your HBBS 1RM on Thursday so take some time to work out the kinks.


Sam Friend said...

4:00 Rx
A new PR by 2:30. About a minute off of the Fractured Fran time without the breaks.

Jacob Heppner said...

20x Deficit HSPU
50x DU
10x OHS @ 155#
100 foot HS Walk
10x OHS @ 155#
50x DU
20x Deficit HSPU

Back Squat: 7x5 @ 365#

IronJake78 said...

Wow great job Sam!

Yesterday for Iron:

So after 6 months on the Wendler 5/3/1 routine, I watched my rep records and strength gains slowly widdle away. This may be because I tend to not do the assistance work, but regardless I find myself no stronger and in some cases weaker then I was when I started. So I'm gonna jump back into a Starting Strength regime to build back up, then I plan on going into an intermediate program such as the Texas Method.

Yesterday Afternoon
Back Squat 270x3x5
Press 130x3x5
Power Clean 170x3x5

Today I rowed 3k in about 18 minutes just to get the blood circulating. Tomorrow back to iron.


Ross said...


Sam Great Job. I was no where near my fractured time (off by :45 sec), but I did get a :50 sec PR over last July's attempt, maybe it was the Acetaminophen that gave the the extra push.

Felt great during WOD - (how often do you hear that) first time I did Fran with out having to break up set of 15 Pullups - afterwards couldn't move for like 5 min.

Did all sets of PU and Thrusters unbroken still a couple of breaks on transitions - but very excited about the improvement.

Time - 3:30

IronJake78 said...

Holy cow - I just looked at Heppner's back squat's. His work sets are above my current max!


Kurt Knoedler said...

FRAN.... 9:17 RX ..... at least I am below the 10 min mark now. My fractured Fran was 12:32 but I think doing it on 2 JAN might have been the reason from the horrible time. No where to go but up!

Andy said...

Just posted a snapshot of this morning's early results. Beautiful to see all those PRs on there. Some great times this AM.

10:17 scaled with a 5x9 format and strict pullups, obviously a very different feel than Rx.

Interesting Jake. I had though you were continuing to trend up. On the tail end of my Hatch now, hoping to test out well. Even if my numbers don't pop, I feel like my BS/FS form has drastically tightened up.

Matt B. said...

Wow, lots of PRs today. Nice job. I got one today too, but not Rx. Must have been the cigar I had last night, making breathing (cough) easier.

7:05 at 85#. Compared to 7:18 in July '13 and 7:55 in Dec '12. Aside from the cigar, I'll hypothesize that the squat work had a play in making thrusters "easier," both in form and strength. Pullups were the limfac today.

Jimmy Chen said...

Had to go in this afternoon instead of the regular morning crew. Ahh, the tribulations of meeting essay deadlines!

Anyways, clocked in right at 4:00 with 65#. Butterfly PUs helped speed things along, but I had to break the 15 thrusters into sets of 5. Felt the burn more in my lungs more than my muscles.

Much kudos to those who PR'd...well done!


This is why I love crossfit and our bubble. You don't see the clowns at globo gym celebrating other people's PR. Great work by all today...and yes, my lungs are still burning from this morning.

Russell Gibson said...

FRAN: 10:25 @80# Ugh.

Nick Talbot said...

I'd like to thank Fran for helping me bowl my worst series of the year, hah.