Jan 20, 2014

Tuesday 01.21.14

5 min KB snatch test (24/16kg)

5 RFT of:
   5 HSPU
   7 pull ups
 12 TTB

5 Burpee penalty every time you come off the bar, including at the completion of a round.

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start at these times)

REMINDER -- last formal Coach's Clinic is Tuesday 1630-1715, focus is the deadlift sequence.  Regulars...if for some reason Wed/Thu is better, post to comments and we can slide.

The KB snatch test consists of five minutes of one arm Russian KB snatch.  You can switch arms at any time but the final count should be closely split between your left and right arms.  The Russian variation of the KB snatch does not return the KB to the ground between reps.  Swing the KB between the legs and then one fluid motion to overhead.  See this video for a demo.


Sam Friend said...

KB Snatches: 138 (12 kg)
METCON: 10:29 Rx

Went light on the snatches as they are new to me. It did a great job of loosening up my shoulders. I felt great during the METCON. Only broke up the last 2 sets, falling off once each. Oh, the pain you will go though to avoid a few Burpees!

Jimmy Chen said...

KB snatches: 94 @ 12 kg
METCON: 14:50-ish

Yeah, I have to echo Sam's comment about the Burpees. I felt like Leonardo and Kate near the end of the movie, "Titanic." I didn't want to let go, but eventually, I had to. T'was sad, indeed.

My only excuse is that I did the KB part twice, so my forearms were smoked.

Ross said...


Took 4 days off from CF mostly cause of work and travel issues, partly caused I tweaked something in my knee doing Cadet PT and stadium runs and have some swelling so I missed Friday and Monday's squat work. Feeling better today but still sore.

KB Snatch work, couldn't find a 53lb KB (was in gym same time as a group KB class was going on) so the biggest I could find was only a 40lb - 110 reps.

Worked some BJ up to set of 5 @ 38" and Bar MU (3 sets of 5) prior to WOD during warm ups

METCON - HSPU went better than expected sets of 5 (I can cycle through when I get to sets of 8 or more I fatigue too quickly on them) and I made it through RX but slower than I had hoped @14:59. Had to do Burpees 8 times (5 rds plus 2 extra in rd 4 and 1 extra in rd 5).

Did some light squat clean work afterwards.

Matt B. said...

Made up Rankel from yesterday.

5rnds + 6 deadlift, as Rx. Don't think I've used a 70# kb before. DL and KB form suffered in the later rounds.

A 20minute butt kicker workout doesn't do justice to the sacrifice of our military, especially when I get to go home at the end of the day and others never will. But thank you for the chance to remember alongside you, and thank you for your service each of you. And thank you John Rankel for putting others before yourself.


Andy said...

Hatch 8/1, deload week.
HBBS 5 x 175-185-195-205
FS 5 x 135-145-155-155

Body felt strong yesterday, hands were not. Callouses too jacked to mess with more KBS and pullups, so revisited the newest Girl on mainsite, Marguerita. 50 rds of the sequence: burpee/pushup/jumping jack/situp/FS handstand. 17:13 - goofy but fun, hardest part was keeping count...

Thanks for the link, Matt. We usually get some background up on the blog for our Hero WODs, this one came together late. Saw your post yesterday, small world. Fair winds, Sgt. Rankel.

Matt B. said...


Reminds me of these, which I haven't mentally rehearsed enough yet to actually try. Good party trick to convince your friends to try after a few beers.


monroe said...

Hatch Week 7 Day 1
HBBS 5x185, 4x215, 2x225, 3x240, 1x265
FS 5x135, 4x155, 4x165, 4x175
KB test: 92/24k