Jan 6, 2014

Tuesday 01.07.14

7x1 snatch, plus 3 snatch grip push press.
   Go as heavy as possible, rest 60-90 secs between sets

5 RFT:
  10  HSPU
  10  HRPU
  10  pullups

Hollow body rocks and supermans

Post loads and time to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

So you will do one rep of a snatch, and then without changing your grip lower the bar down into a front rack and perform three push presses.

Use the work done on the hollow body position to generate global stability. Then translate that work into a solid kipping pull-up.

The skill work today is a repeat of the skill work we did on Jan 1st, since most people did not get it done. Spend some time working hollow body rocks and supermans. See the videos for progressions. The main purpose behind these exercises is to develop global flexion and extension. These movements translate into many of the other things that require extension and flexion of the entire body.

 Complete 5 x 30sec rounds of each.
    Hollow body Part 1
    Hollow body Part 2
    Superman Part 1
    Superman Part 2


Jimmy Chen said...

I'll be tackling this in the afternoon, since I volunteered for "daddy duty" tonight. Toddler stomach flu sucks!

Adam Thompson said...

165 snatch complex

Form felt off. Kept loosing it out front.

6:46 Rx METCON

The hardest part were the HRPUs after coming off the wall.

Ross said...


Snatches / Push Press
95, 115, 135, 145, 145,145,145

Try as I might, I could not finish this RX. after the 5th HSPU on rd3, I had to go to scaled HSPUs, I started the next two rds, RX but would fail and be unable to get one after a couple of HSPU - and would have to go back to scaled.

Time - 11:43

Susan Friend said...

95-lb snatch complex

9:26 Rx METCON

After being beat by, oh . . . everybody. . . on yesterday's WOD, I felt much better today. I was not quite as fast as Adam or Carlos, but I was satisfied with my time. I am grateful that CF has some movements that favor smaller people to compensate for the fact that I cannot out row any of you.


My shoulders exploded

Andy said...

Could not answer the bell this AM! Felt like I was back on leave schedule. Lots of mods this afternoon.

4 x 100m row sprints: 17.3 - 17.7

~20m of light snatch work: bar warmup, 75# quad drills, snatch balance, tall snatch.

AMRAP 12: 10 x KBS/BJ/GHD - 7+7

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Snatch + Push Press @ 115lbs (not a fan of the latter)

scaled HSPU with G/B band rds 1-3 off box rds 4-5

Skill work hollow body rocks and supermans

Roger Wang said...

75 lb snatch, guess I should've worked on that over break!
10:35 Rx had to break up hspu into 5s, my shoulders were smoked!
Skill - hollow body rocks and supermans were tiring too

Jared said...

Did Monday's squats 6x6 at 230.

Jimmy Chen said...

Late post today... Anyways, surprised myself by doing 95-lb snatch complex. Didn't realize how the strength work would sap a lot out of you when it came time for METCON work. Finished the latter after 10'54" Rx.

On a brighter note, going to the Bubble in the afternoons introduces one to new faces. I met a Robert who's in the summer class and managed to offer some coaching tips on his OHS. I was surprised by how many out there who're putting in some good effort, but their form needed work.

Random thought/discussion point, but when would it be appropriate to interject yourself into someone's workout to offer advice? I know that there're two camps on this: 1) just do it - as more experienced CFers, we have an obligation to ensure that folks are putting form before substance, as the former almost always leads to the latter, and 2) don't do it, since you don't want to be "that guy" who can't or won't mind his own (insert expletive here) business.



I didn't know that "who're" was an actual contraction for who are...will be using it often now.

Thanks Jimmy

monroe said...

Jimmy, just introduce yourself, then see where it goes. I do that all the time. Most people wind up asking for advice.
Week 5 Day 1 Hatch squat program
HBBS 8x175, 6x200, 4x225, 4x240
FS 5x145, 4x165, 3x175, 3x185
56lb x20 TGU, some KB C&J, 4x8 T2B

Andy said...

Great contraction, just don't forget the apostrophe!

If I see something unsafe, I'm probably going to interject tactfully. If I see people executing our WOD that could use some help on technique, I usually offer it. For others in there tearing it up on their own, judgement call.

On the other side, if you are locked tight on everything you do (& wear your IMCF gear) you'd be surprised how often people ask for help. Thanks for kicking the ka-nowledge, Jimmy.

Jimmy Chen said...

Good feedback so far from the group - thanks!! Funny that Mark should mention the direct approach (e.g. introduction, smile, and transition to advice), since that's how I met Robert and helped him out.

Also, kudos to Andy for pointing out the judgment call aspect. Sometimes, discretion would be best but there's always that "awkward line" to cross when you don't want to come across as overbearing yet well-intentioned. Personality plays a big part as well as tact, as Andy put it.

Yeah, I'm a grammar Nazi when it comes to writing. Who're vs. whore mistakes are funny, but a more toned down version for comedic effect would be:

"Let's eat Grandma!"
"Let's eat, Grandma!"

Commas. Separating cannibals from good people since 3 B.C.!

Nick Talbot said...

I think that contraction is pronounced with a long island accent (who-ah).

95lb. horrible-form, pseudo power snatches... I need a lot of work there, the push presses were awesome after each one of those snatches, hah.

Went to elevated pushups during the first round of the METCON, just don't have the shoulder strength to hang with the big dogs on the wall. 9:34, though, so kept the HR high.

Hollow bodies are new to me, and will now be incorporated into many more travel workouts!

Ricky C said...

Cheeky comments tonight! Well done all.

Back to nursing my exploded shoulders. (Not grammatically correct)