Jan 22, 2014

Thursday 01.23.14

20min AMRAP of:
Swim 50yd (1 lap  or 2 lengths)
25 Push ups (chest to deck)
25 Squats
25 Crunches (sit on a kick board to protect your back)

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start at these times)


Jacob Heppner said...

20 Min AMRAP:
3000 meter row
400x DU
AMRAP MU w/ time remaining
17x MU

Back Squat: 10x3 @ 375#

Ross said...


Pool time never works for me on campus, made up Rankle from Monday

20 min AMRAP
6 DL@225
7 Burped Pull-UPS
10 KBS @2pood, (used a 75lb DB)
Run 200m

6 rds + 6 DL

Jimmy Chen said...

Barely got 6 rounds in before I said, "uncle." I think I share the same sentiment as most of the folks who did this WOD this morning, and that is that the swimming portion felt like the cooldown. For some reason, the push-ups hurt the most.

Andy said...

5 + 50 yd/15 PU. Swimming and pushups go together like toothpaste and orange juice. Makeup squats later...

EJ Gust said...

Due to lots of procrastinating with with writing papers, I'm knocking out quick WODs at home.

AMRAP 20: Burpees

Matt B. said...

Eric, why not write as much report as you can in 20 minutes, then do burpees for fun afterwards?

Lunch plans cancelled. Luckily I brought gym bag just in case. Made up yesterday's 5k row. First time I steeled myself to row longer than 12 minutes.
21:20, with a 3:56 1k split. Had a 2:08 or so pace on the 2nd k and a 2:04 or so on the last k. 2:10 to 2:16 in the 3 and 4k was definetely a loss of focus. Focusing on form again in the last k got my pace back down.

I did a drag factor check beforehand. I usually set the lever on 5, which gave me a drag factor of 133. A 4 gave me 113 an a 6 gave me 156. I rowed with it on 5.

monroe said...

95lb x 2 x 3
115 x 2 x 3
136 x 1 x 6
Sn DL 185 3 x 3
Rack Jerks 135 3 x 3

Andy said...

Easy Hatch day, 8/2:
HBBS 5 x 175-175-185-185-185
FS 4x5 135

Snatchersize...primal movements...watch out Mark, you're only a degree of separation from Prancersize. 20min of burpees sounds horrible, by the way. But still better than 20:00 of rowing.