Jan 15, 2014

Thursday 01.16.14

4x8 Strict weighted pull-ups, heaviest possible.
4x12 Tempo glute ham raise (GHR)

Then work mobility.  See notes below for more.

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

REMINDER -- second Coach's Clinic is tomorrow (Thursday) from 1630-1515, focus is managing small groups and the Press sequence.  Would love to get max participation from aspiring AIs / PIs --read up on your progressions and PoPs!  Morning group, great opportunity to discuss over mobility...

Options for weighted pull ups:
     Weight vest
     Belt and chain
     Hold dumb-bell between knees or ankles
     Put foot through KB handle and 'pinch' with other foot

For the GHR, start from a static parallel position, then go fast on the way up and use a 5 sec count to come back down to parallel.  Rest 60sec between sets.

We have been hammering the legs with squats so time to treat them nice. Take some time to review the two links below. They describe six hip mobility drills designed to soften up both posterior and anterior tissue. Start with the goblet squat hold – take note of your depth, knee position and weight placement in your foot. This will act as the test portion so you know where you are starting. Then follow the goblet squat with a couple of minutes on each side of the following:
     Wall hip flexor stretch
     Psoas active release
     Ball pin and stretch
     Posterior hip mobilization
     Spider man stretch

Finally return to the goblet squat hold for a retest. Are you able to sit deeper, are you able to drive your knees out wider, and is your weight more in the center of your foot?

Training Links.


Jimmy Chen said...

Made up the swim workout from earlier this week today. Will tackle this one after class prior to the coach's clinic at 1630.

Andy said...

Hatch 7/2
HBBS 4 x 180-195-205-225
FS 5 x 130-140-155-155

Interesting scheme the next few days of Hatch, mini de-load. Curious how this experiment works when I test out. Followed with unweighted strict PU and GHRs. Mob this afternoon.

Eerily thin this morning...where'd everybody go?


The Bubble was pretty light this morning...interesting.

monroe said...

Hatch Week 6 Day 2
HBBS 4x205, 4x215x3
FS 5x135x2, 5x145x2
3x8 bar dips

Matt B. said...

Did pullups with a primitive treestand harness, which looks more like a camo weight belt. Deviated from the rep scheme due to ability. Pounds(Reps)

Scaled GHR by starting at parallel to the floor and ham-raising up to perpendicular. 2x7. Then 3x10 hip-extentions and 1x12 back extentions.

Assorded calf, ham, and hip mobility. Test-retest of the goblet squat felt deeper and stronger at the bottom. Nice mob links. Thanks.

Ross said...


Weighted Pull-ups

4x8@+25 lbs

worked some mobility (hip and ankle) but not as much as I wanted had to get to an appt.

Adam Thompson said...

I did yesterday's WOD.

245 HBBS
13:33 METCON

The long row helped with leg sourness from all of the squatting.

Adam Thompson said...

As I was grading the 14-02 APFT today, I was looking at the shoes and saw a couple of INOV-8s. I think that we will get some new people. If they haven't come over already.

Andy said...

What a weirdo. Shoe looker.

Good deal. We just got a few new guys at my work organization with a CF background including an L1. Hope to bring them into the fold soon.