Jan 8, 2014

Thursday 01.09.14

Active Recovery Day

5 attempts of max double unders
15 minutes to establish max height box jump
Mobilize something for 15 minutes.

Post double unders and jump height (in hands, i.e. '7 hands') to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start at these times)

The best way to get better at double unders is to do double unders.  Slay that goat and get five good sets in.

Next, group up, get the soft plyo boxes and start jumping. Get a fixed distance from the box (just over arm's reach) and be consistent. The key is quick hips and bringing your feet up under your body as quickly as possible.

Finally, pick a trouble area or tight spot and dedicate some time to improving your range of motion. You did not get tight overnight; you will not loosen up overnight. Mobility like everything else requires some dedicated time.  Try a test/retest for your ROM before and after you mobilize.



I'll bring the supple leopard in tomorrow for quick reference.

Jared said...

Rob, you are the supple leapord.

Sam Friend said...

A not so impressive show of DUs from me this morning, especially next to Carlos. Congrats on the 2 consecutive PRs and getting so close to 3 digits!
I topped out at 45 in on the Box Jumps.
Also did a WOD from my old box, since I stay home with the kids on Friday so Susan can do the team WOD. It was:
12 min AMRAP of
4 Power Cleans (135/95)
6 Burpees
8 Toes to Bar
I got 8 + 6.

Ross said...


DU 50,58, 26, 60, 63, 50

Did a 6th set cause the third one made me mad

Box jumps only 38 in, failed twice at 40 (10hands) mostly mental I think, cause i do 38 in for sets of 10 a couple times a week, but the 40 mark eludes me in past few months.., wish we had soft boxes

Adam Thompson said...

Did yesterday's workout. Just as most people posted it was rather difficult.

2+38 Rx

Meg Smith said...

Worked on DU a bit...found a sweet spot of about 60 reps 2x, then couldn't do more than 8-10. Like anything, I definitely notice when I haven't been working them!

Andy said...

Got in the pool over lunch, 500yds - 12:14. Decent swim pace, but lack of endurance and rest periods kill me.

Hope to see some folks at 1630 for the nutrition session.

Matt B. said...

DU's went 35-22-19-32-1-1-1-9-45

I think watching Mike "the propeller" rip out some DU hypnotized me off my timing with the singles.

Then, made up Tuesday's strength/metcon.

Snatch complex

Finished. Shoulders on fire.

monroe said...

While we're on the subject of nutrition, check this out:

Matt B. said...

On the topic of nutrition, my wife and I had a cynical laugh at the KC Star's article on the US News report of diet rankings, as ranked by "health experts." Paleo is ranked last, because it's hard. Boo hoo. CrossFit is hard, but it's more effective than the American no-sweat exercise plan, sold in GloboGyms and on QVC. Yes, it takes awhile to grieve the loss of pizza, pasta, bread, ceareal, and cookies and move on, but you'd be hard pressed to argue that those are nutritionally good for you. They just taste good. As a diabetic I get my bloodwork checked a couple times per year. I eat about 150g of carbs per day (50 per meal) through and a whole lot of nuts and avocados, fruit, vegetables, and lean meat. I get maybe 2-6 big handfuls of nuts per day. Docs are amazed at my LDL (75-95), HDL (75-85), Trigicerides (30-40), yet in the same breath say that I need to eat more carbs and less fat. My cholesterol shot above 200 after I gave up splenda and substituted half-and-half in my coffee (1/2 gallon per week). After switching to black coffee, cholesterol went back to hang around 160. And our family eats about 6 dozen eggs every week or two. As for US News comment about controlling diabetes, it's a whole lot easier to control by cutting out pizza and pasta. Family gastro-intestinal issues magically disappeared after we all gave up dairy over kid's food allergy. Maybe there's something to this...



monroe said...

Hatch squat program week 5 day 2:
HBBS 175x6, 185x6, 205x6, 215x6
FS 135x5, 135x5, 145x5, 145x5