Jan 31, 2014

Open Games Judge Registration (NLT 1 FEB 14)

Calling all IMCF trainers!  Ideally, we're looking for 15-20 total L1 trainers to act as Games Judges, with about 10 "certified" Lead Judges to give us some flexibility.

Many of you have voiced an interest in helping out...please fill out the registration form below so we can add you to our judge roster.  Deadline for signup is Saturday, 1 Feb 14! 

NOTE -- the embedded forms below use Google Docs links, which may not be viewable on some government systems.  If you have trouble, try from a home computer.

We're finalizing the judging concept, but the main idea is to perform the 5 Open WODs on Friday mornings (28 Feb to 28 Mar) as the IMCF daily WOD.  We plan to catch the majority of registered competitors during this main session to simplify support requirements, and then individually coordinate additional scoring sessions as required for makeups and retests.  With the right number of judges, we should be able to provide a bunch of options for Open competitors.

  • All IMCF Games Judges must have a valid CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Course certificate.
  • Being an L1 trainer does NOT automatically make you a Games Judge.  You must sign up using the form below, be on the judge distro, and participate in IMCF's internal judge standardization training.
  • Lead Judges must complete the Online Judge Course (https://oc.crossfit.com/).  This certification will allow you to score WODs for regional hopefuls and to organize WOD sessions outside the established times.  Cost is $10.
Finally, we'd like all judges to fully participate for the entire 5 weeks.  Understanding the busy nature of our lives, if you can't make every session then make as many as you can.  Just because you might miss one or two sessions doesn't disqualify you from being part of the judging team.  We appreciate the support!


monroe said...

I completed the on line Judges course last night. There is no charge this year. Took about 90 minutes, could go faster if you have a really sharp eye. I strongly recommend this to all L1 trainers, it will really sharpen your ability to see faults and good movements.

Andy said...

Mark -- The basic cost is $10. Believe it was free for you because you held a valid 2013 certificate, and they are not double charging people to get current to the 2014 requirement. Quality course, and need some good participation to support our judge concept.


I just finished the judge course...a really great tool for self improvement.