Jan 12, 2014

On Ramp and Trainer Prep

Only 2 weeks until on-ramp! Flyers are up all over post. Get signed up and spread the word, details here.

Coach's Clinics. To help knock the holiday dust off, we'll hold a series of clinics this week and next to get ready for on-ramp.
  • 14 Jan (TUE) - SQUAT sequence
  • 16 Jan (THU) - OVERHEAD sequence
  • 21 Jan (TUE) - LIFTS FROM THE GROUND sequence
On each of these days, we will do a formal session at 1630 in the Bubble as well as some informal group discussions after morning WODs. The main purpose of these sessions is for trainers to practice coaching skills, but all are welcome to sit in and pick up some technique pointers. Bring your L1 guides with you!

Speaking of technique, here's a pic from hookgrip.com that is worth the proverbial 1,000 words. It shows Chinese lifter Lu Xiaojun catching a 200 kg (440 lb) clean in perfect position. Make this your mental model when you're knocking out your HBBS work this week. That's why we train high-bar, for transferrability to the Oly lifts. Core strength and midline stability, weight in heels, upright body position, full ROM, bar over your power base. When it all comes together it's a thing of beauty...

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His toes are pointed out...no rep.