Jan 26, 2014

Monday 01.27.14

Beep Test
  20 meter shuttle runs of increased intensity.
  Meet inside Harney in the back/west gym.

Alternate WOD
  For time:
  8 x full court basketball suicides
  Rest exactly 1:00 between efforts

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (Beep test will start at recurring intervals from 0530 until 0730, warm up prior)

NOTE -- A lot of lateral, stop-and-go type movement. Bring the right shoes -- basketball or court shoes, chucks, or some kind of minimalist shoe with a vibram sole. Traditional running shoes are OK but not ideal, and tend to mark up the floors.

Main WOD. Compare to 10.15.13 or 02.28.13. The Beep Test (aka multi-stage fitness test) is one of the most widely used endurance fitness tests in the world. It is used by many HS, collegiate, and professional Strength and Conditioning trainers, the Australian military, US Army Ranger Regiment to name a few. The test involves a series of continuous 20 meter shuttle runs that get progressively more difficult to complete on time. We'll have a representative hosting the test in the Basketball court in Harney gym from 0530-0730. Find Rich -- he will give an a intro to the test and how it is scored, work groups through a short warm up, then administer the test. Total workout time is about 15 minutes. Your results provide an interesting, good metric for your cardiovascular endurance and can be used to estimate your VO2 max. For more info, check out this site.

Alt WOD.  If you missed the morning session and don't have access to the beep test, sub some good ol' fashioned basketball speed and agility drills.  Do 8 full suicides (foul line / half-court / far foul line / full court) with 1:00 rest intervals.  Aim for a hard but sustainable pace (35-50 s?) on your first effort, then try to maintain within +/- 3 to 5 seconds on the rest.  It'll getcha...  Score is total time.


Jimmy Chen said...

Ugh, not the bleepin', uh, I mean, beep test!

In all seriousness, though, I'm looking forward to beating my last attempt of 5.6 back in October. Anticipating better results since I'm a little wiser in the ways of the beep, namely, pace yourself and don't go 100% the first few beeps or you'll burn out quick!

Jimmy Chen said...

BIG improvement from last October. I went from 5.6 to 8.1 (2nd attempt). The key is to pace myself, as so many people have told me. :-)

Andy said...

Got a warmup in to 5, then a "for record" run of 9.4? Correct me if I'm off, I suck at remembering numbers while gassed (may have been 9.2, or 9.6 if you use the "1-miss" rule"). Some suicide drills after, a little icing on the cake. Thanks for playing along folks!

Last time was nearly a year ago (9.6), given the ups and downs of the last year I'll take it. Squats for lunch.

Kurt Knoedler said...

Fist time doing the Beep Test for me. My first attempt came in at 8.2. The second attempt was a little better at 8.8, almost made it into the 9s. Next time!

IronJake78 said...

I totally missed out this morning. The beep test is actually a very nice data point. I'll have to get the app and do it later.

This afternoon is devoted to iron.

Ross said...


No Beep test for me today, I did Michael
800 m run
50 Back Extensions
50 Situps

Back extensions didn't have a GHD so I used the 45 degree thingy in the gym, and Sit-ups I did with an ABMAT.

Time - 18:23

Jared said...

Did a warm up round to level 5 then two more runs both 7.4. Really sneaks up on me by the end of level 6.

Andy said...

Hatch 9/1
HBBS 5-3-2-2-1: 155-180-205-230-245
FS 5 x 145, 4 x 165-175-185

Matt B. said...

Good discussions at home this weekend on "will" and fortitude and reflections on my own lessons learned from "loss of motivation" experiences... plus watched Lone Survivor yesterday. Kinda wanted to give Murph a go... but not in this weather. Instead, I heeded Rob's row suggestions and gave the 5K row another attempt. I'm no fitter four days later, but stayed more focused. 20:11 today, with a 9:55 2500m split. Compared to last Thursday's 21:20.

A note on skill transfer: I noticed on snatch/clean that when I set up, if I "farm torque" in my upper back through my arms to the bar, then the leg/hip drive transfers to the bar and I get a much better movement than with gumby arms. I noticed the same on the row today. If I got torque in my upper back on the return, then the leg/hip drive led to a much better overall pull. My $.02.

monroe said...

Matt, you're on the right track! Here's a drill from Sean Waxman to teach how the upper back engagement should feel during a lift: Place your hands behind your head, interlace fingers, pull your elbows back/shoulder blades together and squat, keeping torso upright.

Russ Ames said...

8 x suicides make up on 1/28

:40, :39, :38, :39, :42, :42, :40, :39