Jan 19, 2014

Monday 01.20.14

**Harney Holiday Hours are from 0800-1700 in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr.**

HBBS 6x6 at 70% of 1RM
Rest 2 mins between sets

Hero WOD
AMRAP in 20 min of:
   6 deadlifts (225/155)
   7 Burpee pull-ups
   10 Kettlebell swings (2.0/1.5 pood) or (32/24kg)
   Run 200 meters

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (Non standard start time of 0830, warm up prior and be ready to brief/setup the Hero WOD at 0825.  Get your strength in before or after the Hero WOD.  Post to comments if you would like to arrange another Hero WOD start time.)

If the HBBS reps were easy last week, consider adding 10-20#.  If they were tough but you got thru them consider adding 5-10#.  If you could not complete the rep/set scheme from last week then do not add weight.


Sam Friend said...

OK, so not the greatest showing for me today. I got 5 rounds and 2 deadlifts. I started Rx, but dropped down as my back wasn't holding out and form started to go.

However, a great weekend for me... I got my first regular grip Ring MUs, even strung two together. I PR'd my Front Squat again. It is now just 5 pounds less than my HBBS. I know what you're thinking... but I really like FS better. Also PR'd my Deadlift by 20 lbs. I attribute this to the HBBS work as I haven't worked FS or DL at all since early Fall.

Adam Thompson said...

If anyone else hasn't done this yet, I am heading over to the Bubble at about 1400.

Andy said...

6 + 13 today, Rankel is a good one. Like the heavy ones that are still burners. Strong on everything but KBS, couldn't get 10 solid reps and kept going 5/5. Felt good to get out and run a bit, been a while.

Nice work on the MU and lifts, Sam. Good to see some Feb ILE arrivals as well!

Russ Ames said...

5 rds at 185, and 53lb KB....SQUATS at 210-135.

Russell Gibson said...

HBBS @ 195
4 rounds + 6 BPUs on the METCON
Kept the DL at 195 and the KB 53#

Matt B. said...

Nice job on the PRs Sam.

165# on the HBBS at home. Did the first set before lunch, got interrupted, and did the next five sets after lunch.

As many rows as possible of hardwood flooring installed in 3 hours. Taking a break while the 1yr old naps. Maybe more this afternoon.

I was working out on Friday mornings this fall with a good buddy just out of the Marines. He was SGT Rankel's platoon commander when he was killed. I'll see about doing this later this week with him.

Adam Thompson said...

245 HBBS

6 rounds Rx

KB swings were the worst part.

Susan Friend said...

6 Rounds Rx

Technically, I didn't finish my 6th round in the 20 minutes since time was called when I was outside on the run, but I'm counting it because I completed it! :D

Great job on your new PRs, Sam! You worked very hard for them, and I'm proud of you.

It was great to see Scott in the Bubble this morning. We're missing the passion you brought to the sport, Scott!

Instead of HBBS, I did a second WOD with Carlos, Nicole and one of Carlos's friends. It involved the men going 40 partner DLs at 455 and the women doing 40 partner DLs at 315 and then 80 HSPU between the four of us. It was fun to work with such strong people. I definitely want to get stronger on my DL so that I can be more useful to Nicole next time!