Jan 5, 2014

Monday 01.06.14

5 RFT:
Run 800 m
20 snowdrift burpees

Psych...don't really do that one!  Constantly varied is great and all but so is avoiding frostbite, so stay indoors today.

Instead, actually do:
HBBS 6x6 @70% of 1RM
Rest at least two minutes between sets.

8 rounds for total calories of:
   30 seconds of max effort row for calories
   90 seconds active recovery row @ 55-65% effort

Spend 5 minutes inverted

Post load and calorie count to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

UPDATE -- with post on 2 hour delay (see here), don't expect the Bubble to be open before 0700.  Let's plan for start times of 0715 and 0745. Can only get 11 at a time on the rowers...

Partner up or triple up with others close to your weights and work through it. Ensure proper depth and good breath control.  Start with your 1RM from last week and calculate 70%.  What?!  You didn't achieve a 1RM last week!?  Shame on you!  Get it done today then.  The following link will calculate the weights we will be using for the next three weeks.  Disregard the Saturday output, but Mon-Wed-Fri will reflect the sets and reps we will adhere to.  Enter your 1RM and enter "10" in the increment field and you have your weights for this month. Click Here for Calculator .

For the active recovery, although certainly not required, you can aim to achieve the same caloric count in 90 secs that you did for the 30 secs of ME.  You will be riding the rower for a total of 16 minutes.  Ensure every 30 sec interval is a true max effort.

Spend 5 total minutes inverted, the fewer rounds the better. Get against the wall and recall the global positioning that we worked on last week with the hollow and superman rocks. Keep everything tight, head neutral and stay up as long as possible. Try to squeeze your abs to draw your feet off the wall, don’t just sacrifice yourself into an overextended position with your feet planted.


Jimmy Chen said...

Alright!!!! It's GREAT to be back in the Bubble. Will be attending the 0545 start since I'll be picking up the other family member from the vet tomorrow at 0700.

I have to admit, though, the outdoor WOD really had me going...

Jimmy Chen said...

On second thought, looks like I'll be tackling this one in the afternoon. Just got notice of postponed class start times, likely due to the weather.

Andy said...

RGR Jimmy...2 hr delay, revised start times on the WOD post for those still trying to get in early.


I'll be there at 7 to warm up and hit the strength. Expect to WOD around 7:25ish based on attendance.

Ross said...


HBBS 6x6 @275 ( should be 270 for 70% of 385, but this is easier plate math on a monday...)

RD1 -14 cal
RD2 - 13
RD3 - 11
RD4 - 13
RD5 - 13
RD6 - 12
RD7 - 12
RD8 - 12

Total cal including active rest cycles 226 for the 16 mins.

Adam Thompson said...


Groin started to feel a little tender so I dropped down.

175 Cal for 6 rounds. Had to dip out early so the wife could get to Results.

Andy said...

Hatch 6/1
HBBS 6x185, 6x205, 3x230, 2x245
FS 5x145, 4x165-175-175

METCON: 240 cal total including all 8 rest periods. Sprints leveled out at a rate of about 1350 c/hr, tried to hold similar stroke rate but ~800 output on rests.

Jimmy Chen said...

241 calories, including rest periods. I have to give kudos to those who topped 260 cals. Beast!

Those 5 minute handstand holds were also no joke! I found that my wrists were taking more punishment than my arms or core.

Sam Friend said...

242 cal for the METCON. Loved the late report. Can we make that happen more often?
Started with the 6x6 at 170. Really focused on good depth to get the best strength benefit. Thanks, Andy, for screaming at me to do better and cuing me.

Noah said...

170 also for the squats.

Row earned me 246 calories. ME's were 11-13 cals each time.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Good to be back!

HBBS (est. 1RM @ 285lb) then -
4x6 @ 205

230 cal total

3 min of "inversion"

Russ Ames said...

223 cals....10-11 max efforts.

HBBS was 6x185.....first week back=

Kroells said...

255 Calories, shot for 14 calories on the sprints(1650-1750C/Hr). Fell short the last couple rounds.

Did 1RM and Cleans from last Monday.
#285 HBBS. May be able to go higher but no spotter available. #35 below PR. Cleans @ 165.

Finished with 5 min inverted.