Jan 30, 2014

Friday 01.31.14

Adversary WOD
2 people go toe to toe for 4 rounds of:
   #1...20 wall balls (20/14)
        ...15 chest to deck pushups
   #2...25 abmat situps
        ...ground to overhead for reps (95/65)

Individual score is your reps of GTO.

Post GTO reps for you and your adversary to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard Friday team WOD start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0550)

Go find yourself an adversary and set up the equipment.  We are also going to use this team WOD as a trial for judging and being judged.  More details on that below.

On "Go", athlete #1 will perform 20 WBs and 15 pushups.  Once complete with those he or she will swap out with Athlete #2.

Athlete #2 (on "Go") will perform 25 abmat situps and then immediately go into ground to overhead reps.  Perform as many GTO reps as you can before your adversary comes over to you (from their pushups) and tags out with you.  Athletes swap and continue back and forth until four rounds have been completed by both.

Ground to overhead can be a snatch, muscle snatch, clean and press or clean and jerk.  Just get the weight on the ground for each rep and safely locked out overhead.  Athlete with the most GTO reps wins!

For the judging...based on turnout, we hope to run two Heats of this team WOD.  Everyone will pick an adversary to pair up with.  Then we'll make two Heats of the adversary pairs.  Heat #1 will do the WOD to movement standards while being judged by those athletes in Heat #2.  After a 5 minute or so rest and reset, the pairs from Heat #2 will then complete the WOD while being judged by Heat #1.  This gives everyone a chance to experience not only judging movement standards but also being held to movement standards.  If you've never been "no rep'd" in the middle of a WOD, you need to experience it so you understand what an appropriate reaction is (and is not!) and the need to stay focused after someone tells you no rep.  Should be good prep for the Games and give everyone a feel on whether they want to judge the Open WODs.


Jacob Heppner said...

Andy's amazing "Adversaries" idea rises again. Looks awesome!!!!

Andy said...

This one's all Noah and nastier than normal. Love the no-rest, continuous work twist and shoulder dominant exercises. Gonna be a fun one.

Robert Immendorf said...

What are some examples of what not to do after being "No Rep'd"?

Russ Ames said...

KenSmoked me 47-40. Great WOD !

Jimmy Chen said...

Josh left me in the dust with the clean and jerks. I thought I was going to snatch it all the way, but my 65# scaled plan didn't pan out. Nothing like challenging yourself, especially in keeping with line with the "constantly varied, high intensity" theme.

Now if y'all excuse me, I'm going to curl into the corner of the classroom and manly sob away...

Noah said...

First, thanks Jared for a good month of programming to start the year.

Second, I had no one to compete against at 0730 this morning (shame on me for sleeping in), so I had to go against my old adversary Mr C. Lock. Unfortunately, he never stops to rest, he just goes and goes. I had 25 GTO while Mr Lock had 19:02. I spent equal time on the two sets of movements.

Third, Charles...saw your 96 reps. Don't know whether to say ouch or nice job.

Adam Thompson said...

Partnered with Ricky. Good WOD. Really started to feel the burn in the last two rounds and didn't want to pick up the wallball.

Rick 31/Adam 42



Kurt Knoedler said...

Great WOD! Smoked after the first two RDS. Hardest part was getting through the no reps on wall balls. I thought I was going to be able to snatch in the first round, but after the WBs and PUs, I almost fell over receiving the power snatch.

Jim crushed me 33/21 in 14:37

Andy said...

Rob I - the most commonly observed inappropriate behaviors are:
a) punt your med ball / discus toss your abmat
b) yell "bullshit!" and quit
c) respond with "how about I no-rep your face"
d) vindictively return no-rep when roles are reversed
e) cry

I think every one passed the test this AM!

Matt B. said...

Rob K, I shoulda checked the comments before going to Gruber at 1200. I'd have met you at the bubble at 1330 instead.

10 minutes of 2-position clean + 1x jerk. Got up to 145#

Then, 21-15-9 of
power clean, 115#

8:24, I think my time was. Harsh knurling on the Gruber bars led to much lost skin. Come to think of it, I think the un-knurled stripes were different than our bubble-bars, adding to the challenge of a consistent clean set up.

Jimmy Chen said...

@ Andy:

Ha! Some of those are pretty funny, especially c) and d). But I still reserve my right to exercise e) post-WOD, of course...

Totally agree with some of the posters on here regarding the psych-out with being told, "no rep." It's humbling, but necessary if we truly want to improve as CrossFitters.

Robert Immendorf said...

Andy, I think A) would be a good WOD.

For Time:
Med Ball Punt 100 Total Yds.
Abmat Discuss 200 Total Yds.

Ross said...


Missed am workout had to do this at lunch and of course solo despite trying to to convince my CPT to do this with me.

20 wall ball @ 10ft, 20lbs
10 Full Squat Snatches @95 lbs

Time 12:58


Great WOD today. Pat & I hit the bubble at 1400 and knocked it out in 13:20 (37/23).

Then we both walked around post "no rep'n" people like Hans & Frans.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:
Saturday WOD

Squat Clean (1RM ~185lb)
6x6 @ 135lb

10x250m row w/ 1min rest interval
1:48/500m average


Iron Major CrossFit Coordinator said...

Shoulders still sore for some reason, can't figure out why...