Jan 16, 2014

Friday 01.17.14

**UPDATE -- Harney is on Training Holiday hours (0500-1700) on Friday 
and Holiday hours (0800-1700) Monday due to the MLK Holiday**

HBBS 4x4  80% and 5x3  85%
Rest no more than 2 mins between sets.

Team WOD
As a 4 person team with a continuously running clock:
Max Double Unders, while performing:
8RFT of:
   15 Box Jumps (24/20)
     5 HSPU
   10 Pull ups

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (UPDATE: Plan for normal Team WOD mass start time of 0600.  For those able to sleep in due to the training holiday, rally around the revised start time previously posted. Late start time of 0820, warm up prior and be ready for a WOD brief at 0815)

Team WOD
The idea is to maximize DU in as little time as possible. One person starts on DU, the other three teammates rotate through the three exercises two complete times – each person doing each station twice. One 2 rounds are complete the DU person rotates in and one team member goes out to DU. WOD is complete once all four members have taken a turn at the DU and a total of 8 rounds complete.

Example...Members A,B,C and D. Clock starts and A starts DU, B/C/D start 2RFT each at a different station.  After two rounds of BJ, HSPUs and PUs are completed by all three (B, C and D) then D moves to DU, A/B/C conduct 2RFT.  Continue in this fashion until all four have done one round of DUs and 8 total rounds of the triplet  Keep count of team's total DU. Score is total DU minus time in seconds.


Jimmy Chen said...

Darn! Looks like I'll have to bow out of this one since we have class at 0830.

Looks like a nice, long run for me!

Andy said...

Standby Jimmy, checking into it. Should be normal morning hours, will confirm.

Dustin Blair said...

Just confirmed Harney opens at 0500.

Jimmy Chen said...

Sweet! I'll be there tomorrow. Thanks, all!

Matt B. said...

Worked out at home this morning, due to lunch conflicts. Was a bit anxious about lots of heavy squats with iron weights on a concrete garage slab... but it worked out fine. Had to wear gloves, as the bar was so cold. Nice to knock it out first thing, and great to get 5/5 WODs in this week even with a conference going on.

4x4 @ 185, 4x3 @ 195

9min AMRAP
5 ring pushups
5 strict pullups
10 air squats

monroe said...

Like Matt I got a workout in this morning, with my son. We did C2 sprints, 300m x10, with a push up ladder 1-10 between intervals. Going to do some light technical snatch work later today.

Andy said...

Well, the 0820 group was about 1 person strong. Turned it into skill day.

Lots of snatch drills then EMOM 10: 2 pos snatch (115)
Press 5x3 at 115
2:00 FS handstand, pullups in between