Jan 2, 2014

Friday 01.03.14

Team WOD
As a 3 person team, for time:
   Row 300 Calories
   Handstand hold (wall supported)
   Double Unders

Post score (total DU - time) to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (Mass start time of 0600, warm up prior and be ready to start at 0600)

Concept – as a team you must row for a total of 300 calories.  One team member will kick up in to a handstand.  Once that team member is inverted, the other two team members will begin to row and perform double unders (or singles).  Once the handstand is released, the rowing and jumping rope need to stop or pause.  That same team member can immediately resume a handstand when ready or the team members may choose to rotate.  Your team score =  total DU - time (in seconds) to row 300 CAL.  If any single jumps were performed, divide those reps by three to convert them to DUs for the score.

Example:  Team took 12 minutes (720 seconds) to row 300 calories.
                   Team also performed 450 DUs and also 120 singles.
                   Convert the 120 singles to 40 DUs, add that to the other 450 DUs for a total of 490 DUs.
                   Subtract 490 from 720 for a team score of 230.

Drag Index for the rowers will be 140 to make it uniform for all the teams.  Always lengthy discussions on the benefits of different drag settings and the reasons to use more or less drag.  But in order to make every team's score comparable to each other we will all set 140 drag for this WOD.


Sadr City King said...

Team Armor-20:37-885. Teamed up with Matt today as a two person team and knocked this one out. I was able to finally string to together ten double unders together after struggling with the WOD on New Year's Day. Work hard enough at something and you will finally make things work. great effort all the way around.

Ross said...


I of course was solo up here in the barren wasteland of winter in SD.

I made up Wednesday's WOD
10 RFT:
10 Burpees
20 Sit-ups
30 Double Under
Time 24:25
Found myself struggling to breath on rds 4,5,6 really lost time on those three, the rest were pretty consistent.

Jared said...

Carlos, Andy and I teamed up this morning. Good effort by all. Can't remember our specific numbers but 300 CAL does not come fast enough.

Matt B. said...

Followed Ross' lead and made up Wednesday's WOD solo.


Motivation suffered on rounds 4-7, but after that it was much easier to knock out the last 3. Round 8 was the best set of DU, going unbroken.