Jan 16, 2014

EARLYBIRD SPECIAL – Open Games Registration

The 2014 CrossFit Games site is open for registration and IMCF is officially registered as an affiliate. To get signed up, navigate to the CF Games page and click on the “LOGIN HERE” section at top right. The process is quick and painless:
  • If you have a Crossfit ID already, keep trucking.  If not, you must establish one first.  Then:
  • Provide some personal info and billing information ($20) and BOOM.  You’re in.
  • Confirm your region (we’re North Central) and division.
  • Click through to the competition page and select “Iron Major CrossFit” as your affiliate.
  • If desired, head to your profile and update your athlete info, bio, and other fun stuff.
That’s all for now.  Get back to training!  Many more details to follow on our Open WOD schedule, in-house rules for executing and scoring WODs, and judge signup.  In the meantime, read through the 2014 rulebook and help spread the buzz.  For those of you on the fence, you now know how to sign up.  Stay tuned for more info on WHY to participate.

NOTE -- We have not established an IMCF Team yet.  As you probably know, just about everyone that is part of IMCF is eligible to sign up for the IMCF Team.  Team score is based on the highest placing 6 athletes (3 male / 3 female), with the top 30 teams (6 athletes plus 2 alternates) in a region eligible to advance.  Are we fielding a team this year?  Start talking amongst yourselves, or post to comments with questions.  If interest is there, we are looking for a Team Manager to lead the charge (preferably someone with a solid chance of qualifying as a team member).


Carlos Zayas said...

I'm available to do the team if is OK, also you can count on me for judge during the open.

Kroells said...

I'm registered and will do my best to knock it out despite being on TDY the majority of March.