Jan 1, 2014

2014 Whole30 Kickoff

Happy New Year!!! Start 2014 off right witha personal nutrition challenge. First, check out our IMCF nutrition page for a review of how your nutritional approach can support (or undermine) your health and fitness goals, and then commit to improvements in how you're doing business.

If you're all in, hop on board and join IMCF/Results for the January Whole30 Challenge! Join the Fort Leavenworth Whole30/Paleo page to share recipes, get encouragement, and ask for advice for our community experts on clean eating.

Even if you haven't committed yet, it's not too late to get started. While some are starting their 30 days on January 1st, others are starting January 6th, and others January 13th. Not sure where to begin? Join us for an informational meeting on Thursday, January 9th at 1630 in the Bubble. We can answer some questions, help you sort out what items are 'must haves,' and introduce ourselves to others in the community doing a nutritional challenge in the New Year.  If you're prepping for your Whole30, here are some resources to shape your grocery shopping list and help you stock up on pantry basics.

Don't forget the option of visiting the Army Wellness Center for bodpod analysis, metabolic testing, and other baseline tests. You can repeat the testing upon the completion of your nutritional challenge and see specific health results.

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Allie Scott said...

Hey guys - thanks for the push to get healthier. Its good to be in a community that encourages so much self-growth and shares knowledge. I've truly enjoyed the community of friends here.

I took advantage of the AWC and trying paleo. I can say at Jan 11 I already see noticeable differences and feel so much better.

Thanks! Don't forget to add in the info about the local farmer. See you at on-ramp