Jan 3, 2014

2014 Training Goals

Uh...what's mechanical zero again?
What are you doing in the Bubble?  No, seriously...what are you doing?

If you are showing up consistently, following the posted workouts, methodically improving your technique...congrats! You're headed in the right direction even if you're on autopilot. Our overarching goal at IMCF is (and always has been, and always will be...) the pursuit of general physical preparedness. Increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains. Balanced development of the 10 physical skills and metabolic pathways. A broad, inclusive fitness that prepares you for whatever life throws at you...the unknown and unknowable. We spice it up with some focus areas every now and then (extra strength and weightlifting work, gymnastic/cardio heavy cycles), but these familiar principles will continue to drive our programming.  And, they will steer you in the right direction.

That said, no exercise or training program is a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all solution. With the start of the new year (and Games season rapidly approaching) you owe it to yourself to do a bit of a self-assessment and some personalized planning for the months ahead. Especially if you've been at this for a little while, you should have a good idea of where you want to go from here. Maybe getting there requires a little something different than what we program for the masses on M-F, and that's OK. But it won't happen by itself...you need to take some deliberate actions to set yourself on the right course.

Where to start? There are countless ways to get after it...consult the all-knowing Google for some ideas and references. Or, use a simple approach outlined in an article from Chris Spealler that we've posted previously. The full article is available here and worth a read to give this exercise some context. First off, what brings you into the Bubble every day...do you want to be stronger and faster? Are you trying to improve your physical readiness for your job/career/profession? Are you interested in competing, either in CrossFit events or other sports? Is it the camaraderie that comes from a little shared pain and suffering with some like-minded individuals? Maybe it's all of these and more...just understand your motivations. Then, with that big-picture framework in mind, move on to the important and actionable part of the article:
Have short, medium, and long term goals. For me [Spealler] this typically falls into 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year blocks. Then:
  • Try to choose 3 goals for each time period.
  • List 3 reasons WHY you have this goal.
  • List 3 WAYS you will help reach this goal.
Make your goals REALISTIC. This doesn't mean we don’t push ourselves or challenge our traditional thought of what we think we can do. It does mean that we present ourselves with actions that we can take that will lead us to success. If we don’t reach the exact goal we should be remarkably close. Setting goals that are too far out of reach is setting ourselves up for failure. It some cases you may not need to change the end state goal, just the timeline that you place it in.
It's a simple but worthwhile drill that can encompass a lot of different areas. It could cover lifestyle choices, nutrition plans, drive specific skill work, or lead you to follow a separate strength program. Bottom line is that it can help you to improve as an athlete or trainer. You don't magically wake up one day with the ability to string muscle-ups, squat 2 x your bodyweight, or coach a new athlete through their snatch setup. However, these are all achievable goals with the right plan and level of commitment. Spend some time this weekend thinking about where you want to go in 2014 and what the best road is to take you there. What, why, and how?

Interested in hearing some discussion. Don't need to post your plan (that's for you), but feel free to share your thoughts or questions in the comments section. Make it a great year!


Matt B. said...

Great question, and that was a great article by Spealler. I asked myself the same question yesterday after another poor Fran attempt, although I worded it more like "why the f am I doing this again?" Skipping the internal monologue and going right to the conclusion, my goal is to adhere to CF 4-5 workouts a week. The whys are to reap the physical benefits of GPP without specific races, events, tests, or combat driving a specific purpose; reaping the mental benefits of endorphins and of facing/overcoming "pain and suffering"; keeping my hemoglobin A1c around 6.5 through diet (paleo) and exercise (crossfit), i.e. keeping diabetes in check; and having the strength and endurance to pick up, throw, and romp with my wife and kids without getting winded.
To make that goal happen, I'll identify a few 15min home WODs that I can do when life otherwise gets busy, so 1 missed day doesn't turn into weeks...


I need to get better at Thrusters... Better technique (where do my elbows go in the squat?), stronger (why is 95# so heavy?), and faster (lungs burn to early).

Will need to add thruster work 2-3 times a week till open wods start.

Sadr City King said...

About a year ago, I could not complete one double under. Now, I can string ten to fifteen together. My goals are to be able to complete four kipping HSPU. Great thread.

Andy said...

Well, just revisited my 2013 goals and did OK. Missed the mark on a few...some that were within my control, others that weren't.

Need to sit down and hammer out some details, but think the themes to pull through my short/med/long range goals are:
1) Get healthy
2) Improve power & Oly lifts (technique and strength)
3) Clean up "the other 23 hours of my day"

monroe said...

I'm committing the year to a focus on nutrition and gymnastics. Specifically, I want to get to 10% BF and stay there. Also, I want to do a standing backflip. Who wants to spot me?