Dec 24, 2013

Wednesday 12.25.13 (Merry Christmas!)

REST. You've earned it this month. Bubble is closed today.

The only acceptable exception is if you need a little stress relief. Maybe you feel guilty from chugging too much eggnog, have spent too long assembling kids' toys, or your wacky Aunt Ethyl & Uncle Fred are driving you batty. So if you must, here's a quick stocking stuffer for you.
  • 2:00 max Push-ups / 1 min break
  • 2:00 max Sit-ups / 1 min break
  • 2:00 max Squats
Score is total reps (+5 points for every relative you finagle into joining you).  Merry Christmas!

Get some, Santa!


Scott S said...

For those few coming tomorrow, continuation of Marks Snatch Clinic at 0700. Plan on reviewing the warm-up/position drills and then some analysis of each other's movements. Will bring iPad with Coaches eye for reviews, thanks for the intro Susan, very helpful.

Disney Princess Castle, Art Table with roll out drawing paper and umpteen Allen screws at awkward angles, kickboxing punching bag with timer/game, Hotwheels racetrack with multiple loops, 3 x remote control vehicles(all types), doll/mermaid/princess misc equipment, unpackaging waaaay too many toys which are impossibly attached to the package with twine, tape and some sort of knife resistant stretchy plastic lines - while doing air squats to pick up wrapping paper. All day METCON.....not so much for time. Merry Christmas to everyone.

Andy said...

I think the foosball table the in-laws sent had about 1000 parts... Merry Christmas, see you for a snatch clinic!