Dec 17, 2013

Wednesday 12.18.13

Active Recovery Day!

1) Conditioning / Recovery

Complete the following (NOT for time): 
Row 1K
25 Double-unders (DU)
Row 800m
50 DU
Row 600m
75 DU
Row 400m
100 DU

2. Skill
50 Triple Unders

Post results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Today is an active recovery day. Listen to your body, if you are hurting then there is no sense in tearing down those muscles any more than you already have. The row is mainly to get the muscles warm and move some of that lactic acid out.  Don't be afraid to run if rowers jam up.  Revise distances / reps as needed, and dedicate some extra time to mobility/stretching/flossing/rolling. 

No time constraint, so push for DU instead of automatically subbing SU, even if you have to greatly modify the DU reps scheme (ex: 5/10/15/20).

Skill.  Here is a video of triple sweat, right?  Consider 50 TU as Rx.  Otherwise, spend about 10 mins max working outside your jump rope comfort area.  Have trouble with DU? Work on them.  If you have them down, mess around with TU.  Same challenges as when you first learned DU.  Fast consistent wrist spin, controlled jump with some extra height.  The rest is just getting the timing down.

Rest up…..tomorrow is going to be awesome!


Sam Friend said...

As much as we hate you the rest of the week, Jacob, we love you on active recovery Wednesday. You push us hard and know how to help us keep pushing hard. Thanks.
My sore back and shoulders feel so much better after rowing. I did a couple of triples afterward. I need to figure out the timing on those.

Jacob Heppner said...

I'm glad you love it! Taking Wednesday off and painfully walking up/down stairs never gets old. If any of you have the opportunity get in the pool. Just moving around in the pool will release a lot of lactic acid out of your body and speed up recovery. You don't necessarily need to swim laps, drifting with duckey floaties will accomplish the same task.

Susan Friend said...

A huge congrats to Kevin for completing today's WOD Rx.

His comment regarding his legs afterward: "I don't shave often, but when I do I use my speed rope."

IronJake78 said...

Triple unders are new double unders eh? Awesome.

In about ten minutes I managed to get 3 in a row once.

I noticed the coating on my sweet wire speed rope is wearing, boy those things don't last long. I'll have to ask for a new wire as a stocking stuffer or something.

I did not go hard on Monday's work as high repetition snatches rip my shoulders apart, so I made to like 90 or 100 or so. Yesterday I made the gods of iron smile again, did squats and bench press.


Jimmy Chen said...

I have to say, I've discovered my new X-mas wish list thanks to Kevin. Rx brand trumps Rogue Fitness for speed ropes just because the punishment for missing a DU isn't as severe (ex. shaving of the legs comment...hilarious!).

Triple unders weren't too bad, once I got it in my head to jump higher than a DU (duh!).

Jared said...

7x5 @ 255 HBBS.

Ross said...


early morning airport run,had me doing this late afternoon, good wod, glad it wasn't timed, but as able to establish comfortable pace that had me working hard and still getting good strings on DU. Did not get to try triple unders, I know they would have been ugly...

Scott S said...

Late afternoon WOD, had a late night with Johnny Walker preventing an early morning.

Don't know if I can say I love any WOD that involves rowing, but I am glad I did it.

Focused on Robs rowing advice and held steady at 26-28 S/M, trying hard to maintain a steady rate per minute as well. Felt better and not a complete pile of s@*( when I got off the rower, so that's something. Decent DU day as well, not so much for Triple unders, WTF...I just got DU, I don't need CF to transition to TU.