Dec 17, 2013

Wednesday 12.18.13 (Travel WOD)

QUICK INTRO: From today until 3 Jan 14, IMCF will post an alternate WOD with minimal equipment requirements for those on the road and away from the Bubble and all our fancy gear.

If you are able to execute parts of the IMCF WOD, do it! These alternate WODs are NOT more work to be done in addition to our main programming. They are intended to replace the conditioning portion of the main WOD to "get you by" until you quit horsing around and get back to work.

Why follow our stuff and not make up your own? You'll be able to compare results and ask questions off a common sheet of music; the 2 1/2 weeks will include variety and balance (not burpees every day!); and we'll continue to provide coaching tips and to program stuff you probably won't do on your own. Of course, modify as needed based on your situation...just do something!

1) Strength & Conditioning
"Death By _____"
Pullups (and/or) Chair/bench dips...use whatever's available!
With a continuously running clock perform:
1 rep in the first 1 min
2 reps in the second 1 min
3 reps in the third 1 min
Continue as long as you are able, score is the highest completed round.
  • Pullups if you have a place to do 'em. Dips as a backup. If you are feeling chippy, do them both back to back...or (gasp) both in the same session (1+1, 2+2, etc...)
2) Skill
3 x Max rep sets:
1:00 Roll to candlestick
  • Roll to candlestick...what the what? Demo here, and Paoli explains in depth the first 2:00 of this vid. Return hard to pop up to a full standing position.
Post rounds and reps to MAIN WOD comments.