Dec 10, 2013

Wednesday 12.11.13

2nd Active Recovery Day!

1) Conditioning.
5 rounds for time:
Swim 100 yards in full combat uniform (rest 1:1)

2) Skill
3 rounds, for quality:
2:00 of perfect Turkish get-ups, rest as needed

3) Mobility
Shoulder Focus (see notes)

Post total time (round splits if you've got 'em) to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Swim.  Five rounds, swim 100 yards each round.  Pool is 25 yards in length, so 2 full laps per round.  Rest the same amount of time between efforts as it took to accomplish the last 100 yd swim.  Your intervals will increase as the rounds increase, try to keep them within a 15 second deviation.  Total time ends on completion of  the fifth swim.
  • Everyone does this one Rx!  Wear an old ACU t-shirt, blouse and trousers (recommend a belt too, no one wants to see your saggy drawers).  If you don't have ACUs, borrow or sub sweatpants and hoodless sweatsuit (no new IMCF garb!).  It's probably been a while since you did a combat swim or drownproof training, huh?  The layers of clothing provide additional weight and drag, and let's be honest...what are the chances of finding yourself in the water in a combat/survival/rescue type situation wearing swim fins and a speedo?  Functional fitness, baby.
  • Use any stroke needed to get up and down the pool.  However, strongly recommend getting familiar with the Combat Side Stroke. The CSS is an efficient, low energy stroke that allows a swimmer to perform without tiring for a longer period of time.  Check out these links for a description and good demo vid.
Skill.  TGU develop coordination, proprioception, overall mobility, and core and shoulder strength. Perform 3 rounds with light/moderate weight, focusing on smooth controlled movements on the way up and down for 2 continuous minutes.  Should be about 8-10 total reps per round.  Remember today's intent, and ease off the load.  Balance work on L and R arms and feel free to use a variety of objects: DB, KB, or an empty/light bar.

Mobility.  Wall balls, thrusters, jerks, CTB pull-ups, TGU, your shoulders some love today (you might need them again tomorrow!).  Start with this test (back to wall shoulder flexion), then follow up with a minimum of 10 mins of shoulder-focused work.  Your choice, recommend using some of these solid options from Eric Cressey.  Even if you skip TGU today, get these in at home.  No equipment required for most.

Today’s KPPs: 
  • Regardless of what stroke you use and how much the clothes mess with your form, keep in mind the 3 basic swim principles of balance, length, and rotation -- they still apply.  Long body, tight core with head low and legs high, and hip/rotation around your midline.
  • Today is an Active Recovery day. Meaning I don’t want you to redline it. Purpose of today is to let those muscle fibers heal in preparation for Thursday and Friday.  
  • Make sure to take care of your body the rest of the day: rehydrate, rehydrate, rehydrate. 


Allan Jackman said...

All my stuff is packed, limited clothing in hand, maybe I'll swim with a block between my legs

Scott S said...

I got you covered Allan. I can bring some extras, if you really want them. Anyone else just let me know.

Jimmy Chen said...

Alright!! Something different, for sure. Last time I did combat water survival, when I was a cadet.

Jimmy Chen said...

So apparently, math - and reading comprehension - is not my strong point. Shh, don't tell my SGIs!

Thanks to Andy, Scott, and Susan for pointing out that it's four laps that equals 100 yards and *not* two. Ahh, the look on my face...PRICELESS!

Anyways, I was averaging 3:30 per lap. Never thought that ACUs can act like cameras - they'll add 30 lbs. to you!

Susan Friend said...

They say you don't really know a man until you have swum a mile in his pants . . . or something like that. Well, after this morning, I have a lot of respect for anyone who has to swim in ACUs. Those things are HEAVY when they get wet, especially the jackets.

Scott kindly loaned me some pants and a jacket to swim in. I made it about 20 yards, and then I started sinking. I immediately had flashbacks of the last time I tried to cross the pool with a dive belt. I had to drop the belt. Only this time, the heavy object weighing me down was tightly secured around my wrists. I felt myself going down and tried to free myself from the shirt. Meanwhile, Mike, the lifeguard was standing on the edge of the pool yelling helpful words of advice, like, "Don't make me work, Susan!"

After shedding the jacket, I was able to swim the remaining laps. The pants were heavy and slowed me down, but I think that was the point. I was very impressed by those who were able to swim with that whole outfit on--Jimmy, Kevin, Andy, Rick, and Scott, to name a few.

Ross said...


Made up yesterdays workout from hell.

Have the opportunity to take a hand full of cadets this afternoon down to CrossFit Beo and let them get a little into/mini foundations class, pretty excited.

Jared said...

Back squats today 7x5 @245 and some extensive mobility work.

Andy said...

32:50 in the water. 100yd splits got better as I got comfortable, and stopped resting so long every time I touched a wall. 3:50 down to about 3:10 on the last round. Fun stuff. Hats off to those wearing boots (Beast Mode), actually swimming crawl/freestyle (tried it, didn't work) and that forgot a change of clothes and wore wet ACUs out into the parking lot (no names!).

Ross - cool opportunity with the cadets. Monster effort yesterday, nice Rd 1!

Work the shoulder mob at home!!!

Allan Jackman said...

Sick children, now sick spouse...

Dan R. said...

100 yd split times were 2:36-2:44. Wore my uniform but no boots.

Worked Turkish get-ups with #25.

Russ Ames said...

Made up Tuesday WOD.
165 2RM Jerk.
19:22 scaled 75# Fran at 5:3.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

One Arm BB Snatch
5x5 @ 55/65/65/65/65

5x 500m row @ ~17:49
Rest intervals matched work intervals.


Scott S said...

Good times. Fun to get into the water for the active recovery day. Found that the breast stroke provided the best sustainable pace. Didn't keep total time, and was only able to use the clock on the wall, so no accurate timekeeping. Think I was around the 3 and change per round.

Ran 2.5 on the treadmill afterward to loosen up the legs at a 'passable' pace.

EJ Gust said...

Did a FGB style workout with the following movements:

Wall Walks
Jumping Lunges
Double Unders

Susan - I hope Scott didn't give you the winter weight ACUs!!