Dec 3, 2013

Wednesday 12.04.13

1st Active Recovery Day!

1) Conditioning.
With a continuously running clock…
a) Row 50 Calories for time
b) Total Calories rowed in 10 minutes
2) Skill.
500 DU for time, then...

4 x 5 MU or Bar-MU, pick your poison

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (Intended for individual work.  Groups, refer to the ALT WOD for IMCF primary WOD)

Calorie Row.  First off, start a 10 minute clock before starting, or just use your row timer. Keep track of how quickly you attained 50 calories on the rower, then keep track of how many total calories you performed in those 10 minutes (this will include those 50 calories).
  • Double-unders.  If you are just learning DU’s then lower the rep scheme and shoot for something realistic.  Don’t spend more than 15 minutes on this portion. 
  • Muscle-ups.  Rest between sets of MU/Bar-MU (~3 minutes). For seasoned folks, get those 5 repetitions unbroken.

Today’s KPPs: 
  • Today is an Active Recovery day. Meaning I don’t want you to redline it. Purpose of today is to let those muscle fibers heal in preparation for Thursday and Friday. 
  • While these workouts do say “for time” on them that doesn’t mean I want you to kill your legs and shoulders to attain the fastest time. Even the Hulk needs a day off to recuperate. 
  • For the MU skill work, that 4x5 also applies to the scaling versions using bands, jumping into the MU, or coming from a sitting position on the floor. Scale appropriately. 
  • Don’t leave the bubble and feel like you need to knock out another workout later because this morning was too “easy.” Tomorrow is going to be full of fun.  


Russ Ames said...

Doesn't Gruber have a couple of rowers?

Jacob Heppner said...


They sure do. They are located in the south-west corner.

Jared said...

Did 7x5 back squats @225 at Gruber this morning followed by some box jumps to 45in.

Russ Ames said...

50 calories at 3:50
134 calories total in 10 min

then, due to lunchtime cram session, did only 250 double unders, with some 3:1 substitutions in there as well, in 13 minutes.