Dec 31, 2013

Wednesday 01.01.14

Happy New Year!  Yay!  The Bubble is closed today!  Boo!

10  RFT:
10  Burpees
20  Sit-ups
30  Double Under

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Coach's Notes. 

Find a quiet corner in your in-law's basement and while everyone else is sleeping off last night’s merriment get after this. Use an AbMat if you have one or roll up a towel under your lumbar if you must. If you don’t have your own jump rope – find one in an after Christmas sale and get one. Until then do high knee tuck jumps as a substitute.

Skill Work
Spend some time working Hollow body rocks and superman rocks. See the videos below for progressions. The main purpose behind these exercises is to develop global stability. These movements translate into many of the other things that we do. Work up to 30 seconds of each rocking motion. Do this 5 times.

Training Videos.  All courtesy of Gymnastics WOD.

Also, if you did not establish a 1RM back squat on Monday, then get it done today! See Monday's post.


Allan Jackman said...

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EJ Gust said...

19:17 Rx
I needed that to get going this morning!

Sadr City King said...

30:22-WTH Jared are you sure this isn't a hero I write this post, I am still sweating. Beast Mode did this in the basement..........DU are getting better. Eric great job!!!

Ross said...


Made this up on Friday, 3 Jan since I didn't have a team to workout with.

Time 24:25

Matt B. said...

Followed Ross' lead and made it up on Friday.


Very impressed that DU kept going well throughout. Set 8 went unbroken.