Dec 3, 2013

Wed 12.04.13 - ALTERNATE WOD

Hey, so if you hadn't heard...Bubble is closed!  This is the primary IMCF group WOD for today.  If you have access to the equipment needed for the original WOD, by all means go for it.  Otherwise, read on...

1) Conditioning.
EMOM for 5 minutes:
     200m Sprint
then, at the 5:00 mark:
     Run 10:00 Time Trial (TT)

2) Skill.
A. 500 DU for time
B. 3 rounds, alternating ME sets (1:00 / :40 / :20) of:
     Handstand Walks
     Toes to Bar

Post results to comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Short notes, should be pretty straightforward.  Tried to replicate the intent of the original WOD.  Make use of the last nice day for a while and link up at the track at normal times.
  • Ensure you get a THOROUGH run warmup before jumping straight into the sprints.  The goal of the time trial is to cover as much ground as possible on your pre-fatigued legs.  Note your average time on the sprints, and don't shortchange effort there to save your legs for the TT.
  • DUs on the track should work OK -- bring your personal ropes and share.  Scale total DU as needed, make it a stretch goal. 
  • Handstand walks for max distance if you have 'em, else sub (in order) FS handstand holds or practice finding your balance on kickups.  Cycle through the limited pull-up bars for TTB.


Andy said...

Anyone here? Bueller? Bueller?

~28s ave on sprints and 1.43 m on the TT. Likely shorted the 200m, went 2 light poles for distance then 5 min out/back around the golf course. Ankle felt OK, tough driving off it for sprint starts but decent at an even pace. Cold...

EJ Gust said...

- 40 sec average on sprints
- 1.52 miles on the TT. I did the TT on the treadmill w/1% incline after freezing my ears off on the track for the 200m sprints.
- 14:21 for the 500 DU (A loaner rope at the gym is a lot heavier than my rogue jump rope!!)
- 19 / 13 / 6 for the T2B (strict, no kipping)