Dec 16, 2013

Tuesday 12.16.13

1) Strength
15 minutes to establish a 1RM Power Snatch

Complete the following sequence for time (25:00 time cap):
   75 Wallballs (20/14)
   EMOM: 5x HSPU
Rest 1 minute
   ME UB Pull-ups
Rest 2 minutes
   75 HSPU 
   EMOM: 5x WBs

3) Skill
3 x 30 Box Jumps
Rest as needed between efforts

4) Accessory
4 x 8 Good mornings (Medium-Heavy)

Post loads/results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Strength. The power snatch uses the same exact set-up, 1st pull, and 2nd pull as a full snatch. The only difference is that the catch portion of the lift is above a squat (hip crease stays above the knees). Here is a good video example of a power snatch.

METCON. You can NEVER have enough WBs. They transfer to thrusters, front squat, and they also improve your squat form in the hole. This METCON will combine three separate workouts into one. First, complete 75 wallballs and every minute on the minute (including 0:00) knock out 5 x HSPU. Rest for 1 whole minute, then attempt a maximal effort unbroken set of pull-ups. Rest 2 minutes and now we are going to do the inverse of the first workout. This time, the goal is to finish 75 HSPU and every minute on the minute you will knock out 5 x WBs. Put down gymnastic mats against the wall that way you can do wallballs and HSPU in the same place.

Your score for the METCON is your time for the first portion, number of UB pull-ups in the second portion, and your time for the third portion.

Skill. Complete each set of box jumps as quickly as rest. Rebounding box jumps are the quickest way to cycle through, and involve resting at the top of the box as opposed to the bottom. View the floor as lava and attempt to get off of it as quick as possible...check out this video demo. This skill will be very useful in the upcoming Open. If rebounding box jumps are a tool you already use, then practice on a taller box (Men-30”/Women-24”) -- challenge yourself. HOWEVER, one big caveat:

Rebounding can be tremendously efficient, but places a huge amount of stress on your calves and Achilles tendons. If you are have not systematically built up your BJ capacity over time or have known mobility restrictions down low (or are not planning to make a run in the Open), back off the advanced technique and complete as quickly as possible with jump-up/drop-downs or by rapidly cycling step-ups.

Accessory. We’ve done Goodmornings a couple times now. Make sure you are going up in weight on the barbell. Your lower back is probably stiff due to all the wallballs...goodmornings will help that lower back pain out.

Today’s KPPs:
  • Make sure you warm up your squat form for all the wallballs. Since we are doing a 1RM Power Snatch you may not have effectively warmed that position up as much as you think.
  • On the box jumps, make sure you open your hips all the way on top of the box. 


Ross said...


Frustrating day on the Snatch. Oh these are the days when I miss being with a CF Community and having coaches around.

Power Snatch
95, 135, 155, 165(f), 165(f), 135, 155, 165, 175(f), 175(f)

I should be able to hit 175, not sure what my issue was today, just wasn't hitting them, wasn't even failing over head, it was all in my pull....


Oh that who ever thought that WOD up was just not right in the head. Tried to RX, well I completed the first rd ok, like 15 sec on the HSPU and 27 WB, well the second set of HSPU came up and I just couldn't do them. So I reset, and did the WOD scaled using Blue / Green band combo. Went much better.

RD 1 3:50 Scaled
RD 2 25 Reps (ME UB kipping PU)
RD 3 4:41

out of time after that and off for a day of rappelling students off a 80 ft catwalk..

Scott S said...

Ok, so for anyone interested in following yesterdays conversation on Snatches. Charles and I experimented with Split Snatches (yet again with some funny looks and doubters, raised eyebrow stare to you Rob and Susan - at least research and watch the video before debating! Make sure you read that envisioning me with a smirk, laughing and giving a light jab in the arm, no sensitive responses).

Pleasantly surprised Split Snatching at 95, 115 and 135 which moved rather easily. A few to get good balance, but felt better than I have in awhile when doing Snatches. Tried 155 and did it 4 times and was a bit more off balance for a few, but still moved it into position and stood with no failures. Felt like I could have done more, but figure this is new(ish) and will develop more before going heavy.

I enjoyed the interaction yesterday and think we're all going in the same direction, and likely just hard to read exactly what people mean in text. I really have dug Susan and Jacobs programming, has forced to me to face my GOATs, which is the genesis of this dialogue. Although I agree with Ross, this morning was sick, those few who did it Rx, bravo and f#*@ you at the sametime.

I would like to see if Thurs at lunch, say 1130-UTC, would be a good first day to have a clinic? Maybe another over the holiday, discuss Thurs?

WB at 5:40
UB Pull-ups at 21 (slacked in prep for 75 HSPU)
HSPU at 19:45ish (scaled after 15, reduced to singles, then went to pike on box)

Some mobility stuff with Jared afterward. I dig that a lot as well, scares the hell out of me when he starts moving my bad shoulder, but feels better afterwards. Might have a career as a PT or Chiropractor after this!

Susan Friend said...

21:37 Rx (6 pull-ups)

The first half was manageable, but the second half was brutal. Honestly, I didn't put much effort into the pull-ups. I focused more on getting back to the wall in time to finish the rest of the WOD in the 25 minute time cap. I felt like my shoulders were going to explode by the end of the workout! Great WOD, Jacob.

Before the workout, I did some power snatches at 95 lbs. I tried 105, but couldn't pull the bar high enough to catch it above parallel. Scott demonstrated his new split snatch, which was impressive. I'll admit, I doubted his ability to pull it off, but he executed it beautifully.

Afterward, Jared shared a shoulder mobility technique called voodoo flossing. My left shoulder feels awesome now. Thanks, Jared!

Andy said...

Intrigued by the format, took some major subbing to make it work. 14:52 with Pistols/V-ops in place of WB/HSPU. 100 DU for pullups in the middle. Not the same, but did not feel cheated afterward.

First box jumps (20") in a long time afterwards.

Adam Thompson said...

16:54 Rx

Shoulder smoker. I did 20 pull-ups but I sandbagged those since I knew I had 75 for HSPUs after. Defiantly hit muscle failure towards the end of the WOD.

I am really liking these penalty WODs. Forces you to come up with a game plan and be smart about your workout.

Scott, I will be there this Thursday to help coach.

Jacob Heppner said...

Power Snatch: 195#, though the depth was pretty close to 90 degrees I think.
Time: 15.41. 50 pullups.

Scott, here is the spot for Bergoner's warm up. It has helped me tremendously in finding the exact spot for starting the 2nd pull. I have a bad habit of pulling to early in an effort to get it done faster.

Thursday at lunch will work for me.

Matt B. said...

Nice dialogue going on snatch and coaching.

Worked up to 155# power snatch, which I thought was a PR, but is actually a tie from April.

5:58 for METCON A, 20# ball and "piked" HSPU on a box.
19 kipping pullups for METCON B
Rain check on METCON C

On box jumps, 15 up/down, 15 rebounding, then 30 rebounding.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Power Snatch 1RM = 135lb (off day, previous ~165lb)
Then 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 @ 135lb

14:25 + 25x pull-ups
*subbed 45lb thrusters ILO wall balls (biggest available WB in Globo = 12lb)
**scaled HSPU to elevated push-ups

Hip and Hamstring Mobility

EJ Gust said...

Shoulders will still sore from snatches yesterday so I stopped at 135 lbs for the 1RM power snatch.

Rd 1: Rx'd
Rd 2: 21 PU
Rd 3: 25 kipping HSPU before scaling to elevated pushups for the remaining 50.

Final time of 22:55

Jacob - It was nice to finally meet you so I can put a face with the name that I've been cursing for the past two weeks! In all seriousness, I'm really enjoying the challenge every day. I'm glad there is another TFK music fan in the house as well!

monroe said...

Week 2 Hatch squat program. Followed by TTB ladder up to ten (one, then two, etc). 3x10 back extensions.

Scott S said...

Ok folks, sounds like it's a go for Thurs at 1130-UTC for Snatch clinic.

Tentative plan is to go over Key Points of Performance for trainers to cue and then analyze each other under the watchful eye of some of IMCF's immense Oly lifting resources.

This is open to anyone wanting learn how to cue/teach the basics of it, and for newbies. It's amazing how much you learn just as a fly on the wall seeing interaction and discussions from the coaching/trainers.

I know some of our big lifters with beautiful technique will be there so you can see how it should look in person as well as plenty of us that will give much ammunition for corrections....

I cannot say enough about how much I've learned over the last 18 months from Mark and all the perennial IMCF heavyweights.

I'm hoping to make a few more informal clinics throughout the break. Obviously don't want to interfere with family time, but honestly with in-laws and extended family coming in, who wouldn't want to come to the bubble and spend some quality time improving on those hard to master techniques!