Dec 9, 2013

Tuesday 12.09.13

1) Strength
15 minutes to establish a 2RM Jerk

“Karen meets Fran”
For time (cap of 24 mins):
     150 Wallballs (20/14)
E4MOM, 7-5-3 reps of:
     Thruster (95/65)
     C2B Pull-ups 

3) Skill
3 x ME DUs or 100x

4) Accessory
4x8 Hamstring Curls (GHD machine, add weight)

Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

Strength. Accomplish this 2RM jerk by either splitting or pushing.  I would advise that you go with the version that you feel the most comfortable using when cleaning, because I want this to carry over to the Clean & Jerk.  Remember to jump and re-dip...see the video for some more explanation.

METCON. A beauty for sure. The goal of this workout is to accomplish the 150x wallballs. Every time the clock hits a multiple of four (0:00, 4:00, 8:00, …) you will immediately stop wallballs and switch to a mini version of Fran. This fourth minute penalty is 7x Thrusters, 7x Chest-To-Bar-Pullups, 5x Thrusters, 5x Chest-To-Bar-Pullups, 3x Thrusters, 3x Chest-To-Bar-Pullups. After successfully finishing this 7-5-3 scheme, start back on the wallballs until either your 150 reps are complete or the next fourth minute occurs.

Scaling: 7-5-3 is a tough order to accomplish every fourth minute.  If this is too much, I want the following scaling to occur.  Scale consistently all the way through, or "drop a scaling level" every 4 mins:
  • RX: 7-5-3
  • Scaling Version A:  5-3
  • Scaling Version B:  3-2
  • Scaling Version C:  3x reps of each
Of course, scale the weight and version of pull-ups (Regular PU/Jumping PU) as necessary.

Skill. If you have DU down then do three maximal effort sets with adequate rest in between.  If your 3 efforts don't total 100, then complete 100 total DU.

Accessory. You’ll notice we did 3x10 GHD Hamstring Curls last week and this week is 3x8.  I dropped the repetitions down with the purpose of increasing/adding weight.  Grab a 2#/5#/10# plate and knock those Hamstring curls out. If you need a demo of this movement either revisit the vid from last Tuesday or grab a Level 1.

Today’s KPPs:
  • For the jerk, focus on the jump and FAST re-dip/split.  Do Not focus on quickly pressing out the weight overhead.  This will not work for heavier weight.  Your power comes through your ability to DIP-DRIVE-REDIP.  If this is fast then you shouldn’t have to press out.
  • For this METCON you will need to pace.  Don’t let the horses right out the gate and thunder ahead..rein Ol’ Nelly in!  When it comes to the E4MOM portion, pace this but don’t pace so slow that you don’t have enough time to accomplish a medium sized amount of wallballs (~20x).
  • Don’t go easy on the Hamstring curls. Don’t be afraid to grab a plate and have a partner stop you at parallel to the floor and give you a nice easy push on up.
WARNO -- Swimming tomorrow, so find your swimming goggles...and an old pair of ACUs or sweatpants/sweatshirt combo.


Susan Friend said...

I am terrified. I envision doing 4 minutes of wall balls and 20 minutes of thrusters and c2b pull ups.

Andy said...

Ha! Scaling is your friend. Keep the progressive scaling method in your back pocket!

Ross said...

Your a sick sick man, Mr programmer.

Sam Friend said...

185 for 2 RM Jerk
56 WBs Rx
That was tough. I figured the WBs and Thrusters are basically the same movement... But I wanted to do more C2B Pull-ups.
Ended with 100 DUs. Each set was about 20 to 25.

Scott S said...

So as I figured out the time cap and work ratio needed to make this WOD happen I tried to strategize. 24 min Timecap = 5 x 4 min sections, which means you have to be able to complete the 30 reps of 'mini' Fran and at least 30 WB's in each 4 min section to be able to complete the WOD Rx.

Round 1 got 35 WB and then in round 2 some invisible being punched me in the gut and it wasn't happening for this meer mortal. (I think someone brought in some kryptonite and hide it in the bubble somewhere...)

Started Rx, then went to 5-3 after 2nd round. 3rd round had a run in with WB's and wasted time roaming and eventually stealing Josh's (sorry bro).

Ended with 126 WB, (3 rds scaled to 5-3). Great concept, probably programmed a bit too elite for the masses, but that was likely the point and definately a smoker.

Prior - 2RM Jerk at 185. Practiced singles at 205, just didn't feel safe lowering it down on the shoulder yet.

Susan Friend said...

2RM Jerk at 155, singles at 160

122 WB Rx

I started out strong, throwing 47 wall balls in the first round . . . and then the wheels fell off. Subsequent rounds netted only 10 to 20 WB per round. I was tempted to sit out an entire round to regain my stamina, but then decided against it. I figured that the intent of the WOD was to punish you for resting, not encourage you to rest for 4 minutes in the middle!

This was one of the hardest WODs I have done this year. I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for this one, Jacob!

Adam Thompson said...

That workout totally broke me off. DNF.

I ended up with 120 Rx.

It is a very rare occurrence that my short self looks forward to wall-balls in a workout. Brutal.

On a brighter note, I saw the new rowers in the back of the gym. Looking forward for Jake to program rower facing burpees.

Allan Jackman said...

Practiced split jerk today
135-165-185-205-215 (f). 215 went up easy, but I was not paying attention and brought it down about 6" in front of my body and lost the rack position. Due to time, I just decided to call it good enough for now.

Like everyone else, definitely one of the most challenging WODs this year. I began Rx, but at the 8 min mark, I scaled down to a 5-3 rep scheme. Finished with either 112 or 122 WBs.

DUs were not my best today, I normally do about 80, today, I hovered around the 50 mark each time.

Hamstring curls on the white GHD is a MUST! I did three sets of 8 with 2.5, 5, & 10.

The packers will be here in 30 minutes, counting down the last few days with IMCF.

Jimmy Chen said...

Definitely agree with the majority of folks out there that this was the hardest WOD to date! I only managed the full 150 after scaling the bejeezus outta the workout (e.g. 75 lbs. Fran with the 5-3 rep scheme and a 14-lb. wallball).

Told myself that I was going to hit 50 and negotiate from there. Hit the 52 mark and ran out of steam, so had to break it down to a series of 10's and 5's. Had do see Fran three times before finishing the WOD.

Much respect for folks who did this Rx'd!

Dan R. said...

Worked jerks to #165.

19:23 Rx for workout. Wall ball sets of 50-30-30-25-15.

Did not do Du's or hamstring curls. Just wasn't feeling it after all the wall ball/thrusters.

Andy said...

Great comments this AM:) Think Jake is still snowed into DC, you can save your angst for when you see him next! Not in the cards for me with all the OH movements...

Lots of mobility, then Annie (50-40-30-20-10, DU ABSU) in 7:24. DU flowed well but way off PR.

Need to rewatch vids on ham curls, could not get the positioning right. Subbed reverse leg raises, and tried big box jumps until I caught an edge and landed flat on my back. Stellar day in the bubble today.

EJ Gust said...

225 lbs jerk (That's not a self-description, but rather my result for the strength work....but I guess it could be both!)

118 WB Rx'd for the main WOD

17, 30, 64 for unbroken DUs

My calves/hamstrings were cramping pretty bad after the main WOD and DUs so I did GHDs instead of hamstring curls.

scottnkelly9901 said...

IMCF Hohenfels:

Jerk (1RM C&J ~205lb)
2RM @ 195lb

scaling like crazy...
75lb for Thrusters and standard pull-ups
18lb Medball (I should really buy my own)
7-5-3 for first 3 sets
5-3 reps sets 4 & 5
3 reps only last set

3x ME DUs @ 44/23/50

*changed shows from Reebok to the Merrels on last set...amazing what a difference shoes make.
**Feeling better than yesterday but for the first time in a long time I have the DOMS from yesterday's squats.

Ross said...

VIP visits all day, no workout for me, see what I can get in tomorrow - sounds like a fun one.

Scott S said...

So Jake is stuck TDY and can't participate....interesting. Too bad there's no CF equipment in the DC area or internet access, just home to the most powerful government on the planet.

Turns out Adam is human, which is at least comforting. Or he was over near the kryptonite too.

Why's it gotta be White Allan?

Dan, we need to either test you for some Lance-ness or see if your internal cyborg engine can be reverse engineered, I need some!

Ross said...


Made this up early today. After reading all the posts from yesterday I decided to just go as hard as I could and when k got to the point I could move I would just quit..

2RM for jerk, worked up to 225 @ 10min mark.

Karen meets Fran
RX for time of 15:45
Break down of splits and WBs
Rd 1
Mini Fran in 1:30 &80 WB
2:00 & 40 WB
2:30 20 WB
3:00 &10 WB
Glad that was the last Rd because I wouldn't have finished another mini fran in the 4 min period. This was a workout you just had to go full out on and try to get through before you hit the wall, absolute smoker.. but k did like the mini fran break down, those numbers are about the right one for me to go Rd after Rd without having to break up sets..

Jared said...

Holy cow Ross those are seriously impressive numbers. You are an animal.

Ross said...

Jared, no not an animal, just Shoulder to overhead, squats (WB and Thrusters) and Pull-ups (in short sequences) are good to me.

When you start doing Pistols, HSPU, HS Walks, those things kill me.

I really think if I had tried to pace this one, I would have failed by the 4th rd, even with my last rd if I had not only had 10 WB to complete, I don't think I would have finished. I know my next round of the mini fran would not have been done in under 4 min or if it was I would have been sucking so hard I wouldn't have gotten any more WB in. Pushing through the first rd and hitting 80 WB was key to me getting through the work out. The next round just hitting 40 was a terrible event. My lungs feel like I rip a layer of skin off every time I breath.

Russ Ames said...

165 2RM Jerk.
19:22 scaled 75# Fran at 5:3.