Dec 2, 2013

Tuesday 12.03.13

Let’s put those HSPU skills we practiced yesterday to good use today!

Workout #1:
15 minutes to establish:
2-Position Snatch 1RM

Workout #2:
21-15-9 repetitions of:
Deadlift (225/155)

Workout #3:
EMOM for 10 minutes:
7 Butterfly/Kipping/Strict pull-ups

Workout #4:
4 x 10 Hamstring Curls (GHD machine)
Post loads and results to whiteboard and comments.

Coach's Notes. (standard start times of 0545 and 0630, warm up prior and be ready to start Strength work at these times)

REMINDER -- Jay is taking hoodie orders today at the Bubble (0600-0800 and 1600-1700) and Lewis and Clark cafeteria (1220-1320).

Strength. The 2-Position Snatch is two consecutive snatches from varying start positions: in this case, 2” above the floor & from the low-hang (right above the knee). This snatch complex is meant to be unbroken, don’t drop the bar after the 2” above the floor snatch and reset for the low-hang.  See the video tutorial here for a visual.  Remember, warm up prior and then jump right into this.  Only spend 15 minutes accomplishing this task.  Get used to quickly changing weight and moving fast through these Olympic lifting portions, as the “15 minutes to establish” format will be used every Tuesday and Thursday.  If you want to come back to this later, after the METCON, that is fine.  But for the purpose of my programming and time constraints we will be only spending 15 minutes on this portion.

METCON.  Good ole’ Diane.  Compare to 05.23.13.  What’s a good time/goal for Diane?  Anything sub-5 minutes is pretty fast.  Anything better than your last effort is awesome.  Remember to protect yourself during these deadlifts.  Keep the lower back tight and protect that lumbar curve! 

Skill.  Every minute, for ten minutes, perform seven reps of either butterfly/kipping/strict pull-ups.  Pick a variation that you feel you need to improve on.  Rest the remaining amount of time till the next minute after successfully completing seven repetitions.

Accessory Work.  Today is the first Tuesday of my programming.  Every Tuesday and Thursday we will be pumping up that posterior chain. Today we are hitting those hammies!  See the following link for a good video explanation of hamstring curls. You don’t want to get stuck trying to get back up and failing so if this is an issue grab a partner to give you a small push back up.  During this movement, ensure your knees are against the lower part of the GHD pad to provide a fulcrum. 

Today’s KPPs:  
  • At the top of the Snatch, before lowering the bar back down to the floor for the 2” Snatch or the low-hang make sure you roll those shoulders back!  Pinch that penny between the shoulder blades! 
  • If you are not comfortable snatching then don’t max, instead focus on form to ensure safety.  No good will come from maxing something you are just learning.  
  • Scale HSPU in an effort to keep intensity high.  Add more abmats to the floor, or put your feet on a 30”/24” box.


Russ Ames said...

Simply awesome, to be hurtin thus bad. Thanks IMCF!

Reminds me of high school two-a-days where you have to ranger up and get back after it, no matter how sore.

Thx for the teamwork Ken & Jon ..

1RM snatch: 95......KPP= shoulders fwd of bar

Worked butterfly PU while waiting for Heat 2

WOD: 9:23 at 205#...lots of Kips and wall walk HSPU

ham curls

Sam Friend said...

Did anyone see Khalipa in the 2012 games WOD doing the 150# MedBall lifts with the deficit Handstand Push-ups? He was on pace to beat the best time, then failed his very last HSPU... then failed it again, and again, and again...
Not that I'm anywhere near his level, nor was my pace very fast... But those last two HSPUs were absolutely impossible. I thought I had them three or four times, but then my head stopped coming off the ground at all. That's when I knew I was done.
Anyone want to talk relative intensity or threshold training?

Ross said...


Wow I feel like I got hit by a train today...just off on everything...

2 POS Snatch worked up to 155 and stayed at 155 They were just ugly at that point and going higher was not going to help

Diane -14:50 not a great time but first time I was able to do it with not scaling HSPU still kipped but no pikes and no bands so I was happy.. Last effort was 8:49 ish with pike.

Ended with EMOTM pull-ups.

Jimmy Chen said...

Ha! Hey, Sam. I'll opt out of the discussion on relative intensity since my last faux-pas created some controversy. ;-)

Agree wholeheartedly with Russ on the "simply awesome, to be hurtin' this bad" bit. I think these last 48 hours have me ready to audition as an extra for "The Walking Dead." Think I'll be 'lurking-across-the-parking-lot-walker.'

Seriously, though, I managed to get a sub-9 minute time on Diane. My 1RM snatch before that was pitifully light, but I wanted to get that good lumbar curve (thanks, Jared!) down before committing to heavier weights.

PUs were fun, but left me smoked at the 8th round. I had nothing left for the GHD, save a couple of PVC pipe-assisted ham curls. Again, thanks to Jared for the pointers on those!

Allan Jackman said...

6:38 Rx, last completed on 23 May in 8:56.

2 POS snatch at 115, failed at 120, but that could've been because I continued this after all four of the WODs today.

Pull-ups on the minute were butterfly, with the last 7 strict.

GHRs... 5-5-5-5


135# snatch
Diane at 6:46 (205#, 3/4 HSPU)
EMOM definitely helped with the butterflies...

This week is like McDonalds... Bada bop bop bah, I'm lovin' it.

Adam Thompson said...

195 Snatch Complex

2:59 Rx Diane. This is my favorite named workout. Having short limbs helps out with these two movements.

Ran out of time for the pull-ups.

The GH curls were terrible. Glad that they are being programmed because I need the extra work.

Susan Friend said...

8:05 Rx on Diane

The DLs always hurt my Diane time. I drop the bar WAY too many times. I'm decent at lifting a heavy weight once . . . not so good at lifting a mid-range weight lots and lots of times.

2 POS Snatch at 95 lbs.

Worked butterfly pull-ups after the WOD. Thanks for the pointers, Rick!

I agree with the comments above. These WODs are killing me, but I'm lovin' it.

A quick push for the AM folks--we've had a LOT of new people join the morning groups recently. Identify one new person every day, introduce yourself and offer to help. If we all pitch in, the load will be light. :)

Dan R. said...

Diane 8:04 #205. Working on HSPU yesterday helped improve my hand position for today.

2 Position Snatch #75. Really tried to focus on technique.

Could string about 4 butterfly pull ups each round before I lost my rythm.

4x10 GHD's.

EJ Gust said...

125 lbs 1RM snatch - focused on form over weight

8:34 Rx'd for Diane